Thursday, October 1, 2015

We are hard workers but subject to respectful approach by the management


Rashmin Purohit Circle Secretary, PSD Ahmedabad 380004 Email: M:94272 08408

No.P3/Rajkot/Supressions/2015.16                                                                         Dated 30.09.2015

Hon. Postmaster General
Rajkot region, Rajkot 360 001

Request for avoiding suppression upon staff of Rajkot region in the name of achievement of targets.

Hon. Sir,
Namaskar. It has been brought to the notice of my union that there is constant suppression upon staff of entire region by placing unfeasible individual targets on employees working in operative offices and all officials coming in various types of training are also forced to give commitments for targets. Under pressure, fear and tension staff has to agree to what is said and forced upon them. Afterwards, “Cautious Notices” are issued to staff and given written cautions. Divisional heads are also placing burden and force upon concerned staff. This is not a fair practice. Our union is affirmative and understands every aspects of need of working hard and working together for achieving maximum revenue and improves services to public. Please do not misunderstand this representation. We are always ready to work hard but undue and unfeasible pressure is exceedingly intolerable.

We are very clear to state that administration should not be in wrong impression that whatever the total work and gain of target is on record is because of the pressure and suppressive theory. All staff works very hard, sits up to late hours in offices and adjusts with various types of problems with poor network, poor software functioning etc due to CBS.

It is also brought to our notice that it becomes impossible to cope up with the work if SB counters are kept open up to 4.00 pm. It should be up to 3.00 pm so that work in CBS software can be completed in time. It is not proper to force staff to regularly sit up to late hours without any remuneration and keeping under fear of displeasure of officers. We are receiving numerous complaints from staff that the network is slow and software is not functioning speedily and staff is under psychological pressure and also public members are agitating on counters. In this regards, a meeting with the concerned Supervisor, PM/Sr.PM/SSP should be held to know problems and find out remedies.

It is also very sad to point out that periodical meeting with the unions are not fixed despite lapse of months together and last meeting was held on 31.03.15 at interval of 12 months instead of 2 months. It was promised that now onwards the meetings would be held regularly but again 6 months has passed without a meeting. It looks that the regional administration has no worth feeling towards unions or it believes that unions can be simply overlooked and disregarded.

We recall that in the last bimonthly meeting a memorandum about problems of various divisions was given but no response and action has been taken on the said memorandum. In the next formal meeting we will demand action taken reports on items of the memorandum as well as old pending items.

Staff side is feeling very bad about such approach and requests for immediate action and a meeting on various issues of region.

We have also decided to launch agitation program against such negligent approach to the staff and undue pressure as described above. A notice would be delivered separately along with the charter of demands.

We hope that the administration side would understand our feelings and issue suitable instructions and withdraw ‘Cautious notices’ stated above.

A line in reply is requested.

With regards,

Yours sincerely


Copy forwarded for information and necessary action to:

All Sr.PM/SPO/SSPO in Rajkot region.
All Divisional Secretaries of Rajkot region (they should list out problems and send)