Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wednesday 13 April 2011

India Post has an approved Plan Project with an outlay of R.1877.2 Crore for IT Modernization Project. The project has following components: i. Development of integrated modular scalable applications for mail, banking, Postal Life Insurance advanced financial services and ERP solutions for accounts and HR Operations of the Department. ii. Provision of ICT devices in rural post offices with required applications for performing postal, banking, insurance, retail operations. iii. Establishment of IT infrastructure of Data Centre and Disaster Recovery Centre and networking of all Post Offices including Branch Post Offices in the rural areas. iv. Provision for training, change management, capacity building of the employees of the department along with setting up of the Project Management units of Department, Circle, region and Division levels for smooth and timely implementation of the project (a) 100 Days Agenda finalized on January 01, 2011 included selection of vendors for the following solutions:- 1. Customer Interaction Management Solution 2. Mail Operation Solution 3. Human Resource Management Solution and Finance and Accounts Solution 4. Banking and Postal Life Insurance Solution 5. Change Management 6. Establishment of Data Centre 7. Rural ICT Service Integrator 8. Network Integrator (b) Status of compliance (i) Customer Interaction Management Solution Objectives: To enable 24x7 transactions for customers through web portal, call centres and ATMs. Status: Vendors have been shortlisted. RFP will be issued on April 15, 2011. (ii) Mail Operations Solution Objectives: a) This will provide full article visibility across the supply of chain – from booking to delivery b) It will help improve revenue generation through new services/products e.g., Logistics Post. c) The solution will increase number of delivery channels for services/products, e.g. web portal and call centre. Status: Vendors have been shortlisted. RFP will be issued on April 15, 2011. (iii) Enterprise-wide Human Resource Management Solution and Finance & Accounts Solution Objective: a) The solution would enable one single source of data across Department of Posts by online data capture and real time reconciliation b) The solution would enable centralized payroll processing. c) The solution would help the Department of Posts move from cash based to accrual based accounting system. d) The Department Recruitment process would be streamlined. Status: Vendors have been shortlisted. RFP will be issued by April 15, 2011 (iv) Banking and Postal Life Insurance Solution: Banking Solutions objectives It will lead to Centralized processing of transactions/data, ATMs, Mobile Banking and Real time Banking. This will also enable e-commerce and web channels for customers. Postal Life Insurance Solution objectives a) It enables the complete insurance solution by eliminating delays and errors. b) This will enable the interaction through multiple channels, c) The solution would also enable safer and faster transactions including premium collection and disbursement. Status: RFP has been issued. Technical evaluation of Banking Solution will be completed by April 30, 2011. (v) Change Management Objective Change Management for the India Post 2012 program will focus on effective management of change in technology and business process as a result of introduction of the IT solutions. (vi) Establishment of Data Centre Objective Networking of all 1.55 lakh post offices Status RFP has been issued. Process of evaluation of bids is going on. vii) Rural ICT Service Integrator Objective To provide ICT services of Postal, Banking and Insurance in rural post offices Status RFP has been issued. Technical evaluation of bids will be completed by April 30, 2011. (viii) Network Integrator Status RFP has been issued on April 06, 2011 II. COMPUTERIZATION OF 9,600 POST OFFICES Orders have been placed for supply of computers to 9,600 post offices. Supply has commenced. III. WHITE LABEL PRE-PAID CARDS The Department is going to introduce White Label Pre paid cards in collaboration with banks. Objective The objective of launching this card is to leverage cash handling expertise and the network of India Post in order to facilitate non-cash based transactions for purchase of products and services at retail outlets across the country and to earn revenue through value added service. This card will be magnetic strip based loaded with pre-determined amount in rupees and could be operated at merchant locations, ATMs and designated post offices. Status Department of Posts has got approval from the RBI. Partner banks are awaiting the approval from RBI. IV. FLAT RATE BOXES 100 days agenda to introduce Pre-paid parcel boxes for domestic parcels for 1 Kg, 2.5 Kg and 5 Kg. The boxes will be sold through more than 800 post offices across the country. V. PASSENGER RESERVATION SYSTEM (PRS) - 100 days Agenda Railway Passenger Reservation System (PRS) to be provided through 71 more post offices (in addition to the existing 120 post offices) by March 31, 2011 to benefit people who are living away from Railway Booking Counters. Status Railway Passenger Reservation System has been provided to 12 more post offices. VI. UP-GRADATION OF SPEED POST CENTERS - 100 days Agenda 17 more Speed Post centers to be equipped with handheld scanners and bar code readers to provide better track and trace facility to the customers. Status ll 17 Speed Post centers have been up-graded. VII. MICRO-INSURANCE POLICY – 100 days Agenda To underwrite 45 lakh Micro-Insurance policies in Rural Areas. Status 46.62 Lakh Micro-insurance policies have been underwritten in rural areas as on March 31, 2011. SP/AS Source: Press Information Bureau




Dear Comrade The indefinite fast commenced by Shri Anna Hazare against corruption and for an effective mechanism that will act as a deterrent against corruption has, by this time, caught the imagination of common people. The indefinite fast by Shri Hazare has touched the conscience of every Indian. It is quite heartening to note that people from all walks of life cutting across social and regional barriers are coming out in support of the cause espoused by Shri Hazare. This gives hope. Confederation of Central Govt employees & workers extends its full support to the indefinite fast against corruption by Shri Anna Hazare. Confederation HQrs call upon every affiliate & State Committees of Confederation to manifest solidarity with the cause espoused and action of indefinite fast by Shri Hazare. Day long mass fast and mass meetings during lunch hour may be arranged on 11th April2011, Monday– if solution eludes and the fast continues. With greetingsYours fraternally (M. S. Raja)Secretary "NFPE CALLS UPON ENTIRE RANK AND FILE TO OBSERVE THE CONFEDERATION PROGRAMME SERIOUSLY."


A meeting was held with the Office Bearers of All India Postal Administrative Offices Employees Union Gr. 'C'& 'D' at 11.00 hrs on 22.03.2011 under the Chairmanship of Shri S.K. Sinha, Chief General Manager. The following attended the meeting: 1. GM (B) 2. GM (P) 3. Sri Pranab Bhattacharjee, General Secretary 4. Sri S.P. Mukherjee, Vice President, NFPE. 5. Sri S.C. John, Asstt. General Secretary 6. Sri U.S. Chakraborty, Organizing Secretary. 1) The General Secretary pointed out that work had been carried out for Office of DPLI, Kolkata. The work study recommended that there was shortage of staff because of which the work is suffering. However, posts have not been filled in year after year despite the retirement of many officials. Chief General Manager explained to the members of the union that work study had been carried out in 2005 and its findings may not be relevant today as all the operations of PLI/RPLI in the Circles/Regions/Divisions have been computerized and all the data now resides in National Data Centre, instead of in the local server. Further, the earlier system of manual transmission of data is not required in the changed scenario. 2) The Staff Side pointed out that there is proposal to computerize the office of DPLI, Kolkata and there should be impact assessment on this office as a result of computerization. It was explained to the Staff Side that the use of term of computerization of DPLI is a misnomer as DPLI, Kolkata can assess the desired information by logging into the National Data Centre. Hence, no stand alone software is required for the office of DPLI, Kolkata. DPLI shall be provided access to the National Data Centre for extracting the necessary data. 3. CGM explained to Staff Side there is intense competition in the insurance market. Apart from PLI/RPLI and LIC, there are 22 other Insurance Companies which are making significant inroads in to the rural market. There is a need for devising new strategy to meet the competition. Keeping this in view, the role of staff in DPLI, Kolkata needs to be redefined. Suggestions from the Staff Side would be desirable. However, as per requirements, the skill enhancement/retraining would have to be provided to the staff, to the extent as such that staff can be used productively given the competitive market. The meeting ended with vote of thanks to the Chair. Sd/- (A.K.Poddar) GM (P)