Tuesday, May 31, 2011


All Divisional Secretaries are requested to inform D/S of P.IV, GDS unions and also D/S of NAPE regarding change of date of Joint Convention. Similarly when a meeting hall will be booked finally on 6th June, the information will be provided through SMS and this blog which should be conveyed to all unions of your division. Please make it sure and confirm that all divisions have formed divisional JCA and if at all there is any difficulty, C/S should be informed. As already guided through a circular of Circle JCA (in Gujarati language) under signature of all C/S, information about Divisional JCA must be given without any reminder. If any D/S are till resting in peace, it is requested to rise up, act in response to communication/directives of Circle Union/CHQ and be totally organised for indefinite Strike commencing from 5th July.

Dear Comrades,

Have you prepared a Circular in Gujarati language on the basis of Circular of Circle JCA and circulated in your division?

If not, please immediately do it because all members must be aware about agitation programs and Charter of Demands.

This is our primary responsibility.

The Circular should be signed by all Divisional Secretaries of NFPE/GDS/NAPE unions. A copy of Circular should be sent to Circle Union.