Saturday, April 26, 2014

Glimpses of Amreli Divisional Conference held on 30 March 2014

JointvDivisional Conference of P3, P4 & GDS (NFPE) was held at Amreli on 30-3-14. Com.S.K.Vaishnav Circle President P.3, Com.S.T.Teraiya Circle President P4, Com. Rashmin Purohit CS P3, Com.R.S Malek CS P4, Com.K.B.Chudasama Asst CS P3, Com.R.B.Nimbark I/C DS P3 Junagadh, Com.Rajen Desani DS P3 Rajkot and leaders from various divisions remained present including Com.K.A.Kanada and Com.M.P.Mangrolia Senior Comrades of 
Amrelu Dn itself. It was nice to have graceful  company of Com.D.S.Vaidhya Ex.Circle President P3 who is till active at the age of 75.

Com.Ajmera a young comrade was elected unanimously as New DS Amreli. List of office bearers will be published later on.

Circle union greets newly elected office bearers.