Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Hon. PMG grants a special meeting on problems of Valsad division

भारतीय डाक विभाग
_______________________________________________________________________________       By Register Post     _                            
 Postmaster General   Vadodara Region                
 Vadodara-390 002.                     

सेवामे/ To,
 Shri. R. D Purohit    
Circle Secretary,
All India, AIPEU Gr.-C
OA PSD, CBO, under Asarwa Bridge,               Ahmedabad - 380001                                                          
__________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____          
क्रम संख्या/ No. R&E/6-9/MMS                                  दिनांक /date                                14-03-2016.
विषय/ Subject:-  Informal meeting  i/c/w discussion  on Tithal BO / Valsad fraud case.                  

संदर्भ/ Ref:-  Your email dated 11/03/2016.

With reference to your email dated  11/03/2016, I am directed by the Postmaster General, Vadodara to intimate you to come at  O/o PMG, Vadodara in this week with 02 peoples.    

Sincerely yours

                                                                                 Asstt. Director Postal Services (S&V)
                                                                      O/o Postmaster General,
                                                            Vadodara Region, Vadodara – 390002