Wednesday, January 26, 2011

hal-chal in Gujarat Circle : Brief details

Tour program of Circle Union:

Circle Secretary along with Com.S.K.Vaishnav Asst. C/S and Com. S.T.Taraiya Circle President P.IV visited Mahesana, Banaskantha Patan and Amreli divisions. The purpose of tour is for strengthening communication with members of all divisions and know their problems personally. Previously several divisions in south Gujarat were visited and yet more divisions will be covered as per mutual convenience.


Divisional President and Secretary Com.P.S.Patel and Com.D.R.Patel are quite senior and matured leaders in this division who could guide even Circle Secretary on various points. We met other executive committee members of this division. It was good to hear that the SPO is doing favourable transfers and postings of several officials even in the mid term and such officials are benefited. It is their good luck and let them enjoy. No matter, to which union they belong. It was not good to hear that the SPO himself is under order of reversion and enjoying powers of transfers with free hands and does not consider genuine cases awaiting his response since long. The policy of Circle Union is clear that it would always seek for transparency and impartiality and will raise voice in writing, without any prejudice and pressure, against cases of repeated injustice or exaggeration in use of powers. A representation has been sent to Circle Office in the matter.


At Palanpur, Com.Bhatol D/S Com. Desai and team are working quite positively in the division and doing so many constructive works by availing co operation of divisional administration, as noticed by all of us. There are no big problems in this division. Shri.H.C.Joshi ASPO is also very practical and playing a positive role to bridge union and administration which is utmost necessity in this era. We all want our department to progress, increase revenue, uplift public services, implement various projects and these all things can be done by positive and constructive relations with each other. There is also a nice cultural program on 26th, in which all employees shall enjoy food and fun with family. Here some alteration in placing computers, wiring, seating arrangement etc is required in Palanpur HO. I hope this would be done in some days. There is a big conference hall in HPO building. Staff should use it for small family functions.


This is a very small and peaceful division. The PM Shri. Desai gave warm welcome to us. He is Divisional President of NAPE. We started with a cup of tea offered by him. Shri.K.M.Desai ASP is also sweet and co operative to staff, as we noticed. We met Shri.D.P.Rajput SPO with Com.R.J.Patel D/S and Com.Akhani. In this division also there are no major problems requiring any intervention by the Circle union. Off course, we visited a TSO in which there is no toilet facility and female employees are working here. They do not seriously complain because on completion of tenure at HO they need to get local transfer here. The door of a space like bathroom is also broken. It requires urgent repairs. the D/S will immediately write a letter to SPO. He will surely do needful in few days. In this division, a survey of Computer systems is required to be made to know how many PCs/printers are really not working properly and require condemnation even if History sheets are not available for one or other reasons.


In this division, the staff of Amreli HO works very hard to achieve maximum speed and accuracy in work but the Postmaster understands that this is done only because of her suppressive and rude attitude with staff. In last February also, the staff belonging to AIPEU as well as NAPE had complained about such approach of PM and we had already met the SPO and discussed the issue. The problems were increasing and therefore representation was also made to Hon.PMG and Hon.DPS in last bi monthly meeting of Rajkot region. Com.M.P.Mangrolia D/S, Com. Kanada and Com.Gondia (P.IV) were also present in that meeting. There was no improvement in the approach of PM and no action by the administration and therefore resentment was prevailing in whole staff which resulted in to a notice of joint agitation by AIPEU and NAPE. This is a welcome step taken by unionists of Amreli division to set example to all other divisions also that when a common problem is there, they should sit together, struggle together, strengthen the voice togather and when they all are working like "one" a real "Kamdar Ekta" is established and it is always successful. On 24th, representatives of both unions accompanied by C/S AIPEU Gr.C and Circle President AIPEU P.IV met Hon.DPS Rajkot who heard them and told that the matter will be decided by Hon. PMG. The C/S expressed that we are never in favour of any lack of productivity and hardship in public services but when nobody hears voice, democratic rights of agitation has to be availed. The divisional units of both unions were advised to restrict their "dharna" etc program in 'off duty hours'. It is hoped that some solution will be sorted out by active role of SPO Amreli who had told representatives of both unions that he is also recommending action against the PM. This is not a very big issue and it is expected to be resolved shortly. We request comrades of Amreli division not to loose passions and do nothing which may adversely effect work of office because they are number one and that is because of their hard work irrespective of mass differences with the PM. Be positive, results will be positive. We salute unity of staff of both unions in this division.


It was shocking that the SPO issued a circular that all offices should be kept open on the national holiday of 26th January, attendance and work will be checked by the ASPO and all should give replies to them and if any office is not kept open, departmental action will be taken against responsible SPMs !!!! When all offices/ units of Private and Public sectors are celebrating the National Holiday, how an officer gives order to keep office open and working on National Holidy and enforce attendance of staff including Group D officials, in writing with harshness and threaten of action? Immediately C/S contacted on phone and the officer was ready to exchange date from 26 to 30. We understand that we have to work hard, sit extra hours, come on sundays when needed and we all are co operating administration in all divisions by coming in office voluntarily on sundays also but this should not mean that we have no voice even in case of victimization or undue pressure. The matter will be orally discussed with the higher authorities. It is also circulated by the SPO that if all cases of minus balance are not settled by crucial date of 31.01.11, he will recover whole amount involved in such cases from pay of SPMs and charge the amount as Unclassified Payments and settle the cases in that way!!! It is easy to understand that if minus balance is on account of lacuna of some employee/s the amount can be recovered from them but if some one else has committed mistake so many year back, how the amount can be recovered from the pay of existing SPM. It is ridiculous and illogical to make such statement publicly. Such undue suppression creates depression and resentment in hard working and faithful employees. As a part of affirmative management, we expect better treatment.