Sunday, April 6, 2014

Successful Biennial Divisional Conference of Bardoli Dn at Vyara

Biennial divisional conference of Bardoli Dn was held at Vyara on 6th March 2014. Com. MGDulera and Com.KDTailor Circle office bearers accompanied Circle Secretary. Com.Dave Circle President of GDS union (NFPE) also remained present. Formation of AIPEU GDS NFPE at divisional level was done.

Office bearers of all three wings were unanimously elected. In P3 dedicated services rendered by senior Comrade ACChaudhari was specifically appreciated by all in one voice. Com. Mansukh Garchar and Com. Dinesh Patel were elected as President and Dnl Secretary. 

Circle union greets all newly electrd office bearers and particularly young comrades.