Thursday, July 14, 2011


Shri. Pawankumar Dalmiya SSPO called upon Circle Secretaries of AIPEU Gr.C and NAPE Gr.C today and discussed various matters with an intention to improve overall image of Post Offices at Ahmedabad.

As he said, staff working in Post Offices must take some fundamental care to ensure decent appearance of Post Office. He saw some pictures of few Post Offices on his laptop which were very much unpleasant and inexcusable. We may not name such offices here but at some offices calendars were pasted on wall above another poster by affixing several cello taps. In some offices notice board was very dirty and papers were laying since years on them. In some office, cobwebs were hanging on the roof and walls where APM was daily seating. In some offices, a sign board showing “ Post & Telegraph Office” was laying. We know, since 1984 these both departments are bifurcated but no Officer or Staff took a notice of such board. In many offices old departmental logo is painted on sign board. In some offices broken furniture is kept in public appearance. There are so many little but eye catching matters which hampers image of our department. This could be avoided at the level of concerned SPMs.

The SSPO requested us to convey such matters in staff meetings and cast a message to staff to be little careful. At least we may take such care which we would surely take at our own homes. We may not hang or paste calendars indecently. We can remove old meaningless letters from notice boards. We may utilize service of sweeper to remove dust and cobwebs from walls. If some chairs are broken, we may write to SSPO for disposal and supply of new. The SSPO also informed that at any office where chairs in public portion are not available, SPMs may immediately purchase three Nilkamal plastic chairs in anticipation approval. The SSPO is also sending two officials from his office to make a survey and supply required items like chairs etc on the spot. All staff at Ahmedabad are requested to co operate with the officials coming to their office for the purpose and take this matter quite positively.

It was also informed to us that now a day several complainants are directly sending their complaints to the head of the Circle. To minimize complaints we should tackle customers politely and we may not start oral arguments to them even if they may not be right in the subject matter of complaint. He has also issued a circular in the matter.

In a very affirmative atmosphere, the SSPO requested us to discuss such matters in our staff meetings. It was suggested by us to organize a seminar on the subject on any Sunday or holiday inviting all SPMs, PRIs, Union Secretaries of Division and Circle and make a free discussion. He agreed to organize such seminar in the coming days.

In our previous meeting, C/S had talked about one office working on a day up to 09.00 pm for heavy speed post work. Today the SSPO told, that office needs not to work too much late except for exceptional days. All offices normally get closed at about 08.00 pm. It was also reiterated by us that our employees in every office seats up to 08.00 pm in the office to complete daily routine work. They are working under stress of heavy work. Their good work should also be considered.

The SSPO is very much cordial and he has a distinct vision about image of Post Offices of Ahmedabad City division and we assured full co operation in every step taken for improvement of service, upgrading image and infrastructure.

If any staff has any suggestion in the matter, they may freely contact Circle Secretary