Thursday, June 18, 2015

Positive people should unite.

Positive people should unite under one umbrella for strengthening voice of employees and eradicating corruptive & negative forces. Why may we not consider what is right and what is wrong? Let us all introspect and ensure that we are supporting real well wishers and supporters for postal employees. Friends, NFPE is a mighty organization in which majority of employees have put trust since years together. It is not in hands of any political party or agent. It has only one ideology- "welfare and betterment of postal employees". Let us all come under one umbrella in all divisions of Gujarat circle

Have you completed your task for enrollment of membership

Dear Comrades,
Most of the divisions have completed their task for enrollment of members by filling Letter of Authorization under Fresh Verification of membership and reports received are encouraging. Not only existing members have again furnished their forms but so many young comrades have joined our union. As such there is increase in membership in many divisions. If any division has yet not completed this work, it should be given top priority and all are aware that last date for submission of forms with a list in triplicate by union to Head of Division is 6-7-15 but we must keep everything ready on 30-6-15.

Before submission, please verify each form to ensure that it is completed in all respect. There are two signatures of members and a name in capital. The DS should also sign under his name and stamp. Amount of subscription @Rs.50 should be shown in relevant column.

Please report progress finally to CS on Saturday 27th.