Tuesday, February 9, 2016




Meeting of the National Joint Council of Action (Railways, Defence, Postal, Confederation) held on 08thFebruary 2016 unanimously decided to serve indefinite strike notice on 11th March 2016 and to commence indefinite strike from 11th April 2016.

Further details will follow.

Secretary General
Confederation of
Central Govt. Employees & Workers


CBS issue was a centre point in CWC

I don't know why we all express so much joy
, happiness and convey congratulations on migration to CBS!😰

What does it start? What benefits commences for customers? ? What easements commences for employees?

I understand, purpose for CBS is make it highly beneficial for customers but as on today what is real scenario? What is ground reality?

The reality is nothing but miseries and sufferings of postal employees. The reality is intolerable delay in transactions resulting in long queues and thereby irritation in customers.

All knows it but one by one office is migrated and we clap hands to congratulate.

There is nothing wrong in up gradation of services to customers. But that purpose is not at all served because of very old and incompatible computers, poor network connectivity, inadequate speed, poor battery back ups and so many CBS related problems. After clapping hands we all start suffering & complaining about these problems. The SAs put hard efforts day and night. They know real problems and loo-falls of software. The divisional heads simply comply with direction of PMGs and PMG/CPMGs comply with direction of their higher ups and nobody says about all problems and difficulties in carrying out ministerial decisions to migrate 100% post offices.

As soon as CBS starts, our PA looks to the screen of old computers and annoyed customers look at the face of our PA as if he is responsible! But it takes too much time in doing transactions. I don't need to elaborate detailed picture, because all knows about it. Some times server fails for hours together. Customers in big lines blames our staff and also department.

The department could migrate offices in phase manner. When offices start functioning perfectly, other phase could be started so on.

It is first and foremost responsibility of department to first provide all infrastructure like new computers, printers, batteries, proper network connectivity with adequate bandwith and ensure adequate manpower to do the work. Unfortunately nothing is being ensured except blindly going ahead to migrate 100% POs before coming end of March.

If a train is to be started, Railway department makes surveys, puts tracks on which new train will run, do test checks and then new train runs. But in our department there is no survey, no track, no test check and only blind implementation of CBS..CIS and what not!

We are running post offices by shortage of 70000+ PAs. This is confirmed in report of 7th CPC also.

Similar is about shortage of postmen, MTS and GDS also.

The department should first provide sufficient staff and infrastructure but here public i.e. customers has to suffer. If situation is not corrected, customers will run away.

Can't a customer file a PIL in the matter to demand sufficient manpower, upgraded hardware and all other allied requirements?

The CBS issue remained a centre point in discussions by all Circle Secretaries and CHQ leaders in the central working committee meeting of All India Postal Employees Union Group C at Chandigarh on 6- 7February and it was decided to start agitation in phase manner. Schedule of agitation will be conveyed by CHQ very soon.