Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Our New CPMG has resumed. We met him on the very next day on 10.07.12. It was a warm welcome to the new Head of the Circle from NFPE Unions.

I have pleasure to note that the CPMG asked us to say about our major issues for attention by administration.  We said that in the first meeting we want to only welcome and we have not come to discuss issues but the CPMG again shown interest to know our problems and we informed that we are facing acute difficulties on account of forceful attendance for various trainings etc on each and every sunday. We also represented about unbearable suppression in Vadodara region where in staff is threatened of transfer under rule 37, called in training at own cost, impractical deadlines for work, non grant of CL and manifold exploitation of staff. We also informed that NFPE and FNPO are going to start agitation for raising voice against such undue pressure on staff. 

The CPMG said that I will also give deadlines for some work. We said that there is nothing wrong in drawing any deadlines or time schedules and we are not against hard work but at the same time we can not suffer such undue pressure and threats.

We also informed that similar situation is taking place in Rajkot region also. We have already requested PMG Rajkot in the previous bi monthly meeting to be benignant and avoid undue pressure and leave harshness on trivial matters. We also urged not to cause transfer of employees by pressuring divisional heads on account of any mistake of any employee. Administration cannot be strengthened by tyranny. Employees are real tool to go ahead with any target. We are "haath-pav" of administration. We should not be unnecessarily hurt or cut. We should not be punished only for setting examples and suppressing rest of staff. The PMG assured in the bimonthly meeting itself that he has got our point and he will keep in mind now onward. There are many complaints from all corners of Rajkot region also and we are observing situation.

The CPMG asked about our next formal meeting with him. It was decided to discuss all the items in the next meeting which is due in very short time.