Saturday, March 2, 2013


Dear Comrades,
I know delegates from almost all divisions are very eager to rush to Thiruvanantpuram for attending All India Conference. As repeatedly mentioned in various circulars from CHQ, this will be definitely a very significant AIC. I also know that so many young comrades are visiting Thiruvanantpuram for attending AIC from Gujarat. I wish you a very happy journey and a meaningful attendance in the AIC.

I am preparing a circular in Gujarati language within next 2 days for conveying instructions but at this juncture I very respectfully and very clearly urge all delegates of Gujarat to remain at the venue of the AIC and attend all sessions. No delegates would be allowed to go here and there as if they have come for an exertion tour. Experience in the previous AIC at Alandi was not satisfactory. This time each and every delegate will be required to remain present, take active part in debates, provide suggestion and feed back to the CS, seat in one group to enable easy contact and spare half an hour every day at any convenient time to conduct internal discussions.

If any delegate disappears from sessions of AIC without valid reason, it would create bad image of our circle and will be treated as indiscipline.

I have given message to all DS to clear quota of Circle/CHQ/Federation before going to AIC. I once again request to clear outstanding quota to higher ups.

If any delegate has any problem, he/she may contact CS on mobile phone.

Kindly come up with such suggestions, preparations that name of Gujarat may be further brighten.

United we Stand.

Lovingly ever yours,

Circle Secretary