Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Meetings with administration/Div Conferences

18th March :
Bimonthly meeting at RO Vadodara.

24th March :
Four monthly meeting at CO Ahd.

24th March :
All NFPE Circle Secretaries' Mtg at Ahd in c/w NFPE Diamond Jubilee Convention Jamnagar to be held in November 2014.

31st March :
Bimonthly meeting at RO Rajkot.

30th March :
Divisional Conference Amreli.

4th April :
Convention of Confederation of CG Employees Nagpur.

6th April :
Divisional Conference Bardoli.

11th April :
All General Secretaries NFPE Unions' meeting Jamnagar in connection with NFPE Diamond Jubilee Conventions

13th April :
Divisional Conference Panchmahal.

All DS of Rajkot region may come at Rajkot on 31st March with list of problems of their division in writing.