Thursday, June 11, 2015

Start today .. finish task in 3-4 days..Reverification of Membership process started for departmental employees

Dear comrades,
You all are aware, verification process is now started. All details including required form is available on websites of CHQ and federation. All must immediately start without delay and collect maximum forms.

Pl contribute to this task for all cadres under NFPE including GDS. Right now the process is for departmental employees only. For GDS, separate orders might be issued later on. Their forms would also be different. So please concentrate on enrollment of maximum number of members in all cadres.

Advance preparations for GDS:-

As and when similar process will start for GDS employees, each divisional units must have either elected divisional Secretary or a convenor of Sdhoc committee of not less than 3 committee members, for authority to sign on behalf of divisional union on the form. For the purpose of forming adhoc committee, a division need a letter of circle secretary of AIPEU GDS (NFPE) approving adhoc committee. The divisional secretary of our group C union may please contact circle secretary P3 and send 3 names including one convener by email so that we can finalize approval of such adhoc committee. Unless we ensure this preparations, we can't submit letters of authorisation to Head of the Division.

This is very urgent.