Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Postman Strike Deferred. Successful outcome. Greetings to all

Conciliation proceedings at Hon. Regional Labour Commissioner (Central) Ahmedabad regarding Notice for Indefinite Strike by NFPE & FNPO P4 unions.

I am very happy to inform all that a very successful outcome has been reached and all possible steps are taken by the administration side for alternative arrangements to settle problems occurring from shortage of postman and MTS staff and also heavy vacancy in GDS cadre.

We had a special meeting yesterday with Hon.PMG (BD) but he had no ultimate powers to make any final decision, as he said, as such it was left upon Hon. CPMG. Today morning we went to Regional Labour Commissioner (Central) office as per their notice for conciliation proceedings but no representative from official side had come therefore proceedings were adjourned at 17-00 hours and an email was issued by RLC office to Circle office for attending. 

In the meantime we were called by Hon.CPMG for discussion. Com.Rashmin Purohit Convenor Co ordination committee NFPE & CS P.3, Com.J.U.Mahida CS AIPEU P4 & Shri.A.K.Solanki CS NAPE P4 three union representatives attended the meeting in which Hon.CPMG has shown quite positive and supporting approach and agreed with almost all issues raised by us. A written instruction was also prepared which was signed by Hon.CPMG. In the said written letter addressed to all SSP/SP/St.PM etc following main instructions, as per our demands, were clearly issued:

1. Notification for recruitment of Postmen by examination from GDS cadre for the year 2014 has already been issued. Accordingly 303 posts will be filled up. Same notification for filling up vacancies in Postmen cadre up to 31-3-15 will be issued on 6-8-15. It will also provide more then 300 Postmen from GDS cadre by examination. 

As such it is a very good welcome step by which not only shortage of Postmen staff will be filled up but more then 600 lucky our GDS will get promotion as Postmen. This will also be a life changing golden chance for 600 and more families of our GDS emoyees.

Similarly Posts of MTS will be filledup.

2. Process for recruitment from outsiders quota has been started but it may take some time. As all are aware, there are vigilance inquiries in connection with last recruitment in PA cadre and there are clear indications for some very serious & worry some irregularities. You might be knowing that out of 600 newly recruited PAs in Gujarat Circle, only 22 candidates from Gujarat could succeed in getting appointment! Looking to such facts the Circle administration would obviously look forward some amendments. In view of this, considerable delay will be caused in process of recruitment in Postman & MTS cadres through agency.

3. In the meantime, as per instructions, all Heads of units are instructed to manage shortage of Postmen staff by following actions:

@ engage GDS as outsider postman against vacancies.
@ ensure that no bills of GDS for wages as OS Oiatnan remain pending and clear all pending bills.
@engage Short duty postman as per rules from retired postmen staff 
@if till vacant post remains, engage manpower by outsourcing by calling nominations from employment exchange.
@to engage outsiders against all vacant posts of GDS Packer, Stamp vender and all other posts and utilise them for postman delivery work for 5 hours.(this is also a very important decision)

4. It is also instructed that:
@ no Short beat OTA bill should remain pending and all pending bills of Postmen for Short beat, speed post delivery etc should be sanctioned.
@ pay of postmen should not be withheld on account of any reason.

5. A very important instructions were also issued for completing process for recruitment in GDS cadre. There are 3077 posts vacant in GDS cadre in Gujarat circle as per information of 8-10 months back. As such there will be massive recruitment in GDS cadre.

After signature on the letter copies were also handed over but Hon.CPMG wanted to add one para and therefore the letters were taken back. It will be given at tomorrow forenoon. As and when it comes, I will put it on blog as well as blog and whatsApp.

At 17-30 hours we again visited RLC (central) office for conciliation proceedings. From official side Shri.Harshadbhai Joshi saheb AD (R&E) attended and from our side we three as cited above attended.

It was very important and concrete stage. Administration side was already affirmative and also issuing instructions as discussed above, and Hon RLC  also recorded submissions of Shri Joshi saheb on behalf of Hon.CPMG in minutes and in that situation we have unanimously decided to defer the indefinite Strike from 10-7-15.

Copy of conciliation proceedings is given below. Copy of above said letter of Hon.CPMG will be given to us at Circle office at 11am. It will be published here on the spot for information of all.

Friends, this is a golden event in Gujarat circle. Unity has once again worked .

We have to thank Brig.Shri.Thapar Saheb and Shri.H C Joshi Saheb for very cordial and helping approach. We have to thank Shri. Kamble Saheb Hon.Regional Labour Commissioner also for quick and helping approach.

Again, thanks to all friends who came forwarded with unbreakable unity for the common cause.

Tomorrow at 5pm we will arrange a big staff meeting at Ahmedabad GPO to provide complete information to all members.

Gujarat is now changing.......