Friday, May 29, 2015

Revised memo issued

 office of the Chief Post Master General, Gujarat circle, Ahmedabad-3g00ol
No. Union/SPL,CLl2Ol4
Copy to :

1 The Post Master Generaf Vadodara_ gg} OO2l Rajkot_360 001 2 The Chief post Master, Ahmedabad Gpo, Ahmedabad-3g0O01 3 The SSPO/SPOs in Head euarter (Ahmedabad) Region. 4 The Superintendent, p.S.D. I C.S.D.,Ahmedabad_3g0 004

Subject : Grant of Special Casual Leave.

In continuation of this office ietter of even no. dated 26-os-201,s, it is to further intimated that, The General secretary of A11 India postal Employees union Group-C (cHQ)' vide his letter number P[-3€wc dated 27-03-201s srplt-UAtC dated 27-09- 2015 has intimated that Central working Committee meeting of All India postal Employees union, Group-C will be held on 3.d June,2015 at 10:00 a.m. and Alt India Conference of this Union will be held on 4th to 7,n lune_2015 at Baba Saheb Bhimrao Ambedkar vishwa vidyalaya, Yidya vihar, Raebareli Road, Lucknow - 226026 (Uttar Pradesh).
You are therefore, requested to make relief affangement of cwc members Circle / secretary and grant special Casual Leave plus actual journey time to the officials
for attending the Central working Committee meeti.rg, as admissible. If they apply in
as per the provision of ccs (csA) Rules, 7993 and standing instructions received on the subiect so far, so as to enable them to attend th" ubo;;;;eting in time.

A sstt pi rec tii pti t/Serv-rces (R & E)
Guj ara t Ci rcle, Aiimedabad-3g0O01

shri N'subramanian, General secretary, A11 India postal Employees union Group-,C, (cHQ), Dada Ghosh Bhawan, 2rsu1, New pater Road, New Derhi - 11000g with reference to his number pl7-glcWcdated 27_03_201b.

shri R'D'Purohit, Circle secretary, All India Postal Employees union, Group-C, postal
stores Depot, Near shahibaug Railway Crossing, Girdharnagar, Ahmedabad - 3g0004 for information please.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

C.O issued memo for grant of Special Casual leave to delegates attending AIC Luckno

Copy of email sent by CS P3 to CO Ahd on 27-05-15 just on receiving above memo:


The taxt dates and details of meetings everything is wrong in the memo for special casual leave.

Correct details are:
CWCeeting on 3-6-15
All India conference on 4 to 7 June 15

This is very serious error, lethargy and casual approach to important matter.  Responsible official must be strictly instructed and shifted from union branch considering that if any operative office commits such error, administration counters very strictly.

No brain is applied even in preparing letter by copy and paste.

During last 4-6 months, no union letter is being acknowledged and replied. Previous memorandum on problems of HQ region also remains unattended. It was handed over to Shri.V.B.Patel AD at the last bimonthly meeting. 

List of office bearers sent 6 times hard copy and mail but circulated only offer six months on sending a personal urge in Gujarati language to present AD.

For no reasons all DHs were asked to start verification of membership under check off system and last date was fixed as 28th April 2015. Letter of authorisation were also sent. In fact no such action were to be initiated at Circle/Divisional level as last dates for making application by unions to the department for participation in the process was revised as 30 April 15. Due to wrong directions of CO our divisional office bearers had to run here and there to collect letter of authorisation. From the very first day, I wrote Email/letter that CO has issued wrong and unwarranted instruction but after long struggle and repeated mails instructions were issued to stop process. Sirs, how serious and adversely effecting instructions were isduef! Had there been a proper dealing assistant, such major mistake would not have occurred. Our divisions hired cars, visited offices and collected letter of authorisations. I assume that it might have caused expenditure of total more then 1.5 lacs rupees. Please identity responsibility and reasons and take suitable action under our knowledge and also ensure corrective measures.

Previously Shri.Raval was working as OA in union branch of CO. He did not know to even send or open email. Now when I repeatedly call C.O. I am replied that there is no OA for union branch..!!

Since last one week I had to struggle hard and sent so many mails for issue of memo for grant of Special CL. I did not receive any response or reply. Our All India Conference will be held at Lucknow on 4 to 7 June. CWC will be held on 3-6-15. Delegates will be starting journey on 1st June/2nd June. Divisional heads were not granting special CL saying that Memo from CO is not received. Some delegates work in single handed offices. They are to be relieved by deputations from other offices. All this require at least 3-4 days time but there was no response and no action by CO despite my daily Emails. Now at the very last day I received news that memo is despatched. I requested for soft copy so that I can publish it on our blog/website. I also urged for sending Emails to all divisions but I was shocked to know that one official is dealing union branch but she does not know how to send Emails!! So sorry to know value and treatment of union branch. I requested Shri. Apurva Kadia CS Admn, at last, to help me and manage to send Email to me or photo on whatsApp. He helped and then also I was shocked that there is no mention of All India conference in the memo. Dates are wrongly shown as stated in beginning.

Sir, please set right union branch and ensure due care and response. Pl alsobfind out above said memorandum and all previous emails which are not at all attended and not even acknowledged.

Urging action and response

Yours sincerely

Rashmin Purohit

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Inter Ministerial committee to hold threadbare discussions with representatives of Central Trade Unions on 10 point charter of demands and other issues --- PIB NEWS


The Government has decided to constitute following Inter Ministerial committee to hold threadbare discussions with representatives of Central Trade Unions on 10 point charter of demands and other issues being raised by them and for recommending measures to address those issues:-

1.Shri Arun Jaitley, Finance Minister
2.Shri Bandaru Dattatreya, Minister of State(I/C) for Labour&Employment
3.Shri Dharmendra Pradhan, Minister of State(I/C) for Petroleum&NaturalGas
4.Shri Piyush Goyal, Minister of State(I/C) for Power
5.Dr.Jitendra Singh, Minister of State in the Prime Minister’s Office
The Secretarial assistance to this committee will be provided by the Ministry of Labour & Employment.

Ministry of Labour and Employment
Government of India
New Delhi:  May 26, 2015

Monday, May 25, 2015

Flash news::Again it is proved: Unity is Strength. Shri.B.P.Modi Sr.PM Nadiad Suspended

Gujarat Circle rejuvenates. We understand unity is strength. We have zero % tolerance against corruption, injustice & misuse of executive powers. 

Few days back, staff of Fateganj HO Vadodara shown unity and protested against Sr.PM Shri. Modi who assaulted on a PA. The staff walked out till the officer was shifted from that office. The said officer was transfered to the post of Sr.PM Nadiad HO. Circle Union addressed administrative side that medical check up of the officer should be done before he is allowed to function as head of any unit, otherwise he would repeat same approach at Nadiad also. Unfortunately, this officer started working as Sr.PM Nadiad and started his whimsical and unfair administration. Specifically use of indecent language before female staff, wearing of half pent/ Lungi in chamber, whimsical decisions etc were major issues. The whole staff of Nadiad HO today on 25-5-15 walked out of the office and agitated. Circle union also approached circle as well as regional heads. At the end of the day, Shri.Modi has been suspended by administration. 

Unity of employees under leadership of Com.M.K.Pandya Regional Secretary P3 NFPE and Shri.Sagar Regional Secretary P3 FNPO and whole team is real strength. They all deserves appreciation.

Simultaneously we also thank administration side for taking a firm and judicious decision.

Shri. B.P.Modi PM Nadiad again created unhealthy atmosphere and intolerable approach to staff and whole staff today went on local strike. circle union is totally supporting movement of staff of Nadiad under leadership of Com.M.K.Pandya Regional Secretary P.3 NFPE & Shri.Sagar Asst CS P3 FNPO

Vadodara.             Dated- 25-5-15

Respected sir,
Namaskar. I have received no response of my mail appended hereunder. However, I hope, some action might have been initiated. Kindly respond to the said mail.
Secondly, you are aware, Shri.B.P.Modi created imbalance in cordial relations of administration and employees at Fateganj HO Vadodara and he was shifted to Nadiad HO before 2 weeks. I sent mail urging his medical check up before he joins at Nadiad because Shri.Modi is mentally unfit to function as head of big office. He created same atmosphere at RMS Vadodara and was transferred as well as charge sheeted. Now again after his unacceptable behaviour and assault on employees he is doing same things and harassing whole staff by imbalanced & rude behaviour, use of indecent language even in presence of female staff and so many other atrocities. A memorandum is being sent to all administrative offices by divisional units.
Total staff has come out of the office today. Your urgent intervention is necessary.
Pl take it seriously that staff side always remained affirmative and constructively helping to administration and doesn't like big confrontations but surely, negative & excessive approach would not be suffered by staff side. Instead of crushing voice of hardworking employees, we need to control such psychic officer like Shri.Modi.


Yours sincerity

Rashmin Purohit
CS P3 Guj.Circle

Urging immediate action.

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From: "rashmin dineshchandra purohit"
Sent:Thu, 16 Apr 2015 15:56:16 +0530
Subject: Fw: Special meeting with Hon.PMG vadodara

>Sent from RediffmailNG on Android
> From: "rashmin dineshchandra purohit"
>Sent:Thu, 16 Apr 2015 15:48:21 +0530
>To: "sectionsupervisorsta f69 "
>Subject: Special meeting with Hon.PMG vadodara
Respected sir,
> Namaskar. A letter for bimonthly meeting was sent to me on 7-4-15 but it was wrongly addressed as PA CSD Ahd 380003 instead of OA PSD at CBO, Under Asarwa bridge Ahd 380016 hence did not reach to me in time. 10-11 was Saturday Sunday off and 14th was Holiday. So I received on 15-4-15. Any way, please correct address for future.
Secondly I desire to meet Hon.PMG on any date between 21 to 24 April. Kindly confirm.
The main point of discussion is regarding non observance of principles and policies of rotation and tenure in the region. More over the policy of rotational transfers are tactically bypassed by several divisional heads. No one can be indispensable in this era. Officials completing tenure are transferred to offices in the same building and deputed to divisional offices on the same day. Such transfers only on paper is absolutely against policy of rotation. More over if any staff want extension of tenure, the SP is not empowered and the regional PMG grants permission for extension of tenure for 6 months only but the divisional heads are extending not only six months, they extends full tenure without consulting regional  head also by issuing orders of deputation of same officials in the divisional offices. It is required that all DH may be asked to review particulars of all officials working at present at Divisional offices and list out all those officials who are working since 8 or more years by only break of tenure on papers. All such officials should be shifted to operative offices. Willing and efficient officials should get chance to perform and become masters for future. All officials taken on deputations should be returned back to their parent offices. No official should be continued in the divisional offices beyond tenure and should not be taken back under plea of deputation. We have 75% membership in PA cadre. Most of staff are our own members, we have no personal bias but we have very bitter experiences from all Mr. Indispensables. There were items at circle level also and instructions were also issued but the divisional heads need repeatation of instruction at intervals. The officials working in Divisional offices at Vadodara Bardoli Valsad and all other divisions are senior officials. I have seen in Bardoli dn that so many senior officials having 20-25 years are working at DO since decade by availing tectics and transfer on papers only and in HO and big offices, quite junior officials are managing work. There are no seniors to work as supervisors in even small leave period. Officials with 6-8 months services are deputed as SPMs of heavy working offices with BOs like Kamrej, Subir etc and Senior officials enjoys at DO. It is requested to kindly issue instruction very early and clearly in this matter so that physical shifting of officials is done and all those who are working only by transfer on paper previously are also treated as officials due for transfer and shifted in present rotational transfer.
More we may discuss in person.
With regards
Yours faithfully
Rashmin Purohit
> CSP3

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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Circle union addressed C.O.for issue of memo for grant of special CL to delegates attending AIC Lucknow. All DS may address DHs with list of delalegates. All delegates should individually apply to their leave sanctioning authorities for grant of SPL.CL.

Very urgent please:

To,                               DT.19-5-15
Shri.H C Joshi
CO Ahmedabad

Respected Sir,
Namaskar. It is requested to see to the matter under subject very urgently as there is a little time left in issue of memo. AIC of our union will be held on 4th to 7th June 2015 at Lucknow. Our Central Headquarter have already issued notice with copy to Directorate as well as all CPMGs. Accordingly a memo from CO Gujarat is to be issued early so that Leave sanctioning authorities may grant SPL CL to delegates.

Yours sincerely

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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Very sad news: Our most senior leader & Ex.President NFPE Com.B.G.Tamhankar breathed last at morning today on 17th May 2015. Com.Tamhankarji was not leader of Maharashtra Circle, he was a very well known personality and a beloved & respected leader amongst all CG employees. He wrote history by restless and successful struggles against corruption, misuse of powers and exploitation of workers. He continued to stand as a strong front liner, friends philosopher & guide to all of us and worked hard till last breath as if increasing age was not a point of any fotigue for him. He was a straight forward leader who could express and stick to his opinions fearlessly. His landmark achievements by RTI campaigns will be ever remembered by all of us. I Personally loved and respected him through out my birth on the platform of union. I started each performance by pranaam to him and receiving his fatherly blessings. I never  imagined Com.Mangesh and Maharashtra without him. Our 30th AIC will be missing him at each stage. I personally and on behalf of Gujarat Circle express grief & pray Almighty for eternal peace of his holy soul.

Such leaders never die, they become milestone. Long live Com hearts of postal employees.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

AIC Lucknow.. count down starts...

Dear Comrades,
Count down starts for AIC Lucknow. Let us make a memorable attendance, performance and contributions to the AIC and keep name of our Gujarat Circle on hights.

All DS are requested to inform by email or msg about number of delegates/visitors.

We will make a united performance. All will remain in contact with CS and meet daily at convenient time once a day.

Gujarat circle delegates will seat together. 

No delegate will remain absent or run to other places as tourist. Your other programs should be adjusted only after AIC sessions. Absentee will not be treated as delegates.

Pl keep your outstanding remittance off quota with you in cash, cheque or DD. All divisions will have to clear on the spot. To avoid standing in lines you may till send it to all higher ups by direct credit or by cheque in speed post. Please clear quota of Circle union also in advance. All will have to clear it latest at AIC.

No decision should remain absent. All DS must attend AIC or send representatives.

Pl inform date and mode of your arrival/departure to circle union.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Postal Employees of Fateganj HO Vadodara shows bold & successful protest against unjust and terroristic approach of Sr.Postmaster of Gr.B cadre.

"Unity is our Strength" , the basic slogan could be practically perceived in bold protest of postal employees of Vadodara Fateganj HO on 13th May 2015 against Sr.PM of Group. B cadre who assaulted a Postal assistant during course of conversations about entrusting additional work, which was impossible to perform by the PA. Shri. B.P.Modi PM assaulted on Shri. Hasmukh Bariya PA who expressed inability to accept & perform additional work. Whole staff came out of the office in agitating mood, rushed to PMG and strongly reacted against the officer who is in habit of assaulting employees working under him. Shri. Mathur Hon. PMG gave affirmative response and immediately transfered the PM to Nadiad HO. Staff side demands for medical check up of this officer before he is allowed to work as head of any Post office because he will repeat same approach at new assignment also. He is, in our opinion based on experience, mentally unfit to carry on any responsibility.

A police complaint has also been launched and the officer is taken in to police custody. 

Circle union greets Com.Subhash Patel our senior most leader & Asst. Circle Secretary for effective monitoring of the issue and setting a historical example of Strength in Unity.

The administration side is also required to access reasons for unmanageable shortage of manpower and terminate all deputations particularly from Fateganj HO to other offices very urgently. Com.S.M.Patel will again see Regional PMG on the issue and convince for termination of deputations/attachments from Fateganj HO as well as other operative offices.

Other divisions will learn lesson from such a great venture and unity of staff of Fateganj HO and maintain zero tolerance against injustice, misuse of powers and corruption. That is the real heritage of our mighty organization - NFPE. 

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Circle union greets Com.Dinesh Patel DS Bardoli dn. for following instructions and sending copy of written agenda for monthly meeting. All divisional secretaries may also do take similar action. Your agenda or important letters/replies by administration will be published here so that each member can have access to it. This free facility, why not all dn take benefit?

(Affiliated with National Federation Of Postal Employees)
NO : Group-C / AIPEU / 02 / 2015-16 Dated the : 08-05-2015.


Com. Shri M.S.Galchar.
OADO Bardoli.
Mo bile:       99791 30792
                     94282 44274


Com. Shri D.M.Patel.
PA Bardoli HO.
Phone :
Resident :  02622 291100
Mobile :     99254 45361


Com. Shri G.M.Panchal.
PA Bardoli HO.
Mobile:      97371 96701

The Supdt. Of Post Offices,
Bardoli Division, Bardoli. 394 601.

Subject: Agenda for the Monthly Meeting of May-2015.

It is hereby submitted monthly meeting Agenda for the month of May 2015 .Following  Union office bearer will accompany with the
1.Com.Shri M S Galchar        President      OADO Bardoli
2.Com.Shri P M Patel             Member        PA Bardoli HO

Request to repair water cooler and provide R.O. water system at Bardoli HO for staff and public use.
Request to supply printer at Mandvi SR SO only one printer in working condition which is repaired by S.A. temporarily base.
Kindly request to pass TA bill which is pending more than one year of Bardoli division staff including System admin.

Reminder: Item of March-2015 ( No any action till today as per discussion)
Request to Give Employee ID to all employees. The Identity card issued by department not valid any where because in the ID card employee ID Number not mansion.
Request to provide separate telephone to SBCO Branch because minus balance problem, other communication it’s very important to provide telephone. Only one common telephone available at SBCO, SBSO and Account Branch, PLI CPC.

                                 Yours faithfully

                                    (D M Patel)
                                   AIPEU Gr.C
                                 Bardoli 394601    

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

About differe

Details of meeting with MoC:

Details of meeting held at Sanchar Bhawan on 05.05.2015 at 1300 hrs with Hon’Minister of Communications by Secretary Generals of NFPE & FNPO on behalf of Postal Joint Council of Action.

In continuation of the meeting by PJCA leaders consisting all General Secretaries and Secretary Generals of both Federations ( NFPE &FNPO) held with Chairman Postal Services Board , Member(HRD),  Member (O), Member(Tech) & other higher officers of Postal Directorate on 30.04.2015 at 1100 hrs on all the 26 Charter of demands, the PJCA had decided to insist a further meeting with Hon’ Minister of Communications in respect of the following three Major sectional demands pertaining to the Postal fraternity.

1. Corporatisation and  Privatisation of Postal Department as recommended by the TASK FORCE committee.

2. Inclusion of Gramin Dak Sevaks (GDS) in the terms of reference of 7th Central Pay Commission. Grant of Civil servant status to GDS and grant of all benefits of departmental employees on pro-rata basis without any discrimination.

3. Implementation of Cadre Restructuring in Postal, RMS, MMS and Postal Accounts as per the proposal signed with the JCM (DC) staff side.
The ground was under active preparation for indefinite strike w.e.f .06.05.2015.

Secretary Generals of NFPE & FNPO on behalf of Postal Joint Council of Action were invited for meeting with Hon’Minister of Communications.

On 1300 hrs both Secretary Generals met the Hon’ MoC and submitted a memorandum on GDS issues primarily for inclusion of GDS under the purview of 7th Central Pay Commission. As the Department of Posts assured the PJCA on 30.04.2015 that the proposal will be strongly recommended and referred to D/o Expenditure for reconsideration, the Hon’ MoC was requested to offer his good offices.

Hon’Minister of Communications has assured that the GDS issues would be looked into with an open mind and he would try to his best.

The  Cadre Restructuring Proposal file is awaiting for the approval of Hon’ MoC and now even though he had some reservations, he agreed to pass it with positive recommendations. The Cadre Restructuring Proposal will shortly be forwarded to DoPT.

In respect of Task Force Committee recommendations, Hon’ MoC  has not given any assurance about future course of action. But he asserted that NO PRIVATISATION at present and there will be no reduction or structural change in the department.

The meeting with Hon’ MoC is hopeful.
Considering the reply given in the minutes by the Postal Directorate and assurance given by Hon’ MoC , the PJCA has decided to defer the proposed INDEFINITE STRIKE from 06.05.2015 .

A thoughtful comment 
in light mood :

For Self introspection:

So many of us posted and forwarded news regarding deferring of Indefinite Strike. But see back to posts and forwarding of few hours and days.. How many of us did this for strongly joining the strike!

Here are the unfolded reasons for deferring of strike.

For future:
If for only one occasion we succeed any agitation including Strike with almost 100% participation, our leader's voice will be 100 times strong for ever. Even a notice for strike would work if government knows that the strike is going to be 100% success. But if government knows that 50% of units will ignore call of higher ups and find out excuses and their own logics. Then obviously, the voice of leaderships would be week and result of strike call may not be beneficial. This is the reality. 

All of us should understand need of ultimate unity and make aware new entrants about trade union movements, history of our federation and landmark agitations launched so far by our dedicated and sacrificing leaders. 

We need to educate grassroots, face to face approach and constant coordination with meetings, study camps and print materials.

Divisions should come forward and arrange group meetings and purposeful gatherings on various occasions and invite Circle union representatives as well as leaders of neighboring divisions and some good orators who may be helpful in tightening unity and awareness of general staff about union activities, recent news and solutions of local issues.

All Divisions must take following major instructions in consideration failing which importance and significance of our strength would be down:

1. Hold regular monthly meetings with Divisional heads and send items of Agenda regularly. There is no restrictions on number of items at divisional level monthly meeting.

2.Visit offices, branches, colonies and understand problems of staff by giving a good hearing. Take much important issues in monthly meetings and write a number of letters with copy to the concerned staff and office. Each letter has to be acknowledged by administration. If you don't write letters and remind for progress report/replies, your half importance and significance is down. You must take care of this. 

3.There is nothing wrong in personal relation with officers. It is always welcomed and honoured but so far as functioning of a Divisional Secretary is concerned, personal relationship should not dominate. We can do few work by using relations and good offices but it should not be in such a way that our union is less effective then personal relations. I know, all of you understand this point.

4. As per constitutional provision, call periodical Divisional Executive Committee meetings and always ensure presence of Circle Secretary in that meeting by advance confirmation of dates. Send copy of agenda/letters/replies/photos of events to Circle Union. It can be published in blog and your division's staff can refer and copy it on the spot.

5. Keep your accounts ready at the each month and ensure remittance of Quota regularly to all higher ups. No division can send quota as per time and amount of own wish. 

6. It is compulsory for all office bearers of Circle & Division to see our blog of Circle union at least once a day. There may be important instructions or informations. 

7. It is important to be in touch with each other even on social media. Create groups on whatsApp in each divisions for NFPE members. We will share important news on the spot therein.

8. On receipt of any message from Circle union, immediately give a response. 

I know, many of you are seniors and similarly many are having less experience. My intension for above instructions is meant for better functioning of our Union at all levels. There may be scope for your valuable suggestions to Circle union also. Let us restart upgrading quality of our task by healthy conversations and exchange of views.

I know, Com.S.K.Vaishnav Circle President will print hard copies of this post in a day and will send to all divisions.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Strike Deffered



Saturday, May 2, 2015

Comrades, Flash news

FLASH NEWS --- Maintain the spirit and tempo unequivocally and campaign aggressively for the ensuing strike from 06.05.2015.

·       PJCA on firm stand in GDS Issues.
·       Directorate level talks led by DG Posts inconclusive.
·       NFPE and FNPO both federations along with their GDS Unions are strongly and continuously insisting the Government to include GDS wage study under the purview of 7th CPC.
·      Hon. Minister of Communications invited both Secretary Generals (NFPE & FNPO) for discussion on 05.05.2015 (Tuesday) at 1 P.M.
·       PJCA requests the cadres to keep the ground ready. Do not presume based on rumours.
· Maintain the spirit and tempo unequivocally and campaign aggressively for the ensuing strike from 06.05.2015.
General Secretary*

Friday, May 1, 2015