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Urgent isdues requiring immediate action at C. O.

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Fw: Urgent issues requiring immediate action at C.O.

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Subject: Urgent issues requiring immediate action at C.O.

National Federation of Postal Employees
                  AIPE Union Group C
                       Gujarat Circle
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No. P3/Guj/Urgent/17-18 Dtd. 27-7-17

Gujarat Circle, Ahmedabad

Grant of Special CL to employees who couldn't attend duty on account of road blockages and heavy rainfall in Gujarat Circle.

Respected Sir,
Namaskar. There is very heavy rainfall, floods, water dumping and road blockages which adversely effected people in various districts like Banaskantha, Sabarkantha, Patan, Mahesana, Gandhinagar, Kheda, Anand, Surendranagar, Rajkot etc.

Our staff might have become helpless and in compelling situation they could not attend duty. 

Today, there's very heavy rain at Ahmedabad overnight and roads are blocked in many areas. Considering effects of Natural Calamity , it is requested to isdue an order of grant of Special CL to effected employees as provided in Rule 8(g) of CCS Leave rules.

We also request to set up a team consisting of administrative officers as welk as union leaders for reviewing situation for post offices & postal employees in interior areas and for helping & providing all possible assistance.

I was coming to see Hon. CPMG today on this issue but due to heavy raining it can't be possible today. So, sending this mail.

Some DHs are issuing cadre restructuring orders very hastily after knowing about orders of Dte regarding putting hold on exercise. As the orders are seen on Whatsapp but circulation through channel takes a day or two, they are issuing CR orders as if they would miss a train!

One important issue requiring urgent attention & intervention of Hon. CPMG:

On account of C.O. letter dated 14-7-17 by which TU facilities of Circle union has been withdrawn due to delay beyond 27 months in convening Biennial Conference, some DHs are confused and responding as if whole Union functionary has been derecognised! They are refusing grant of monthly meeting to Divisional unions. C.O. has yet not issued orders for Special CL/relief of delegates to All India Conference being held at Bangalore on 5 to 8 August. Order for grant of Special CL to the undersigned in capacity as a "working president" (office bearer of CHQ) have also not been issued till today to enable to attend Central Working Committee on 5-8-17 and AIC on 6-8 August. It is requested to issue a clarification to all DH that letter of withdrawal of TU facilities of Circle Union has no impact on functioning of Divisional union. The said order doesn't mean that TU facilities of Circle as well as all divisions have been withdrawn. Sir. This is prime issue for us. We urge very prompt actions on this. We are suspecting over certain persons in CO who are deliberately tossing files and creating problems for us. If our delegates are not granted special CL in next 2 days for attending AIC, it will be too late as journey starts on 3-4 August for all of us. Please take this matter seriously and extend cooperation. 

Kindly consider all issues on top priority.

With regards

Yours Sincerely

Rashmin Purohit 
CS AIPE Union Group C

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