Sunday, December 30, 2012

Dear Comrades,
I have received many messages and mails wishing me early recovery from surgery of vocal cord. I thank all of you for the love and affection shown at this juncture.

I am happy to inform that all required tests including biopsy has been done and there is nothing to worry. On account of several lectures given without mike, there was a problem and surgery was required. Now I have been advised by the doctors to speak only limited words like 'yes', 'no,'ok' etc for one week and afterwards, I will resume normal and routine speech. Please excuse for troubles in the meantime.

I am in constant touch with all the matters through letters, mails and messages.

It is very sad to point out here that SSP Valsad is making prestige issue in enforcing staff to attend duties on Sundays. I have persuaded the matter with PMG and SSP himself but there is no satisfactory result. The matter is also taken up at CHQ level. 

As there is no CPMG at HQs and RJCM meetings are also delayed, it is very difficult to take up the matter at Circle level. However I have also conveyed feelings of staff in this matter to the Circle administration. In my opinion, after Divisional conference of Valsad division scheduled on 6.1.13, we will decide agitation program against irrational pressure by divisional administrations of Vadodara region.

I also appeal the staff to improve quality of work and also to voluntarily attend one or two hours extra where arrears of work is huge considering need of the day. We are not against work but we are against suppression  threatening and terror by any one. Time has ripen for us to take concrete decisions in this matter.

Let us hope that the administration would also understand our concern, set good examples for balanced management and boost industrial peace and enthusiasm of staff.

Rashmin Purohit
Circle Secretary