Monday, January 11, 2016

a letter to CPMG

(Affiliated with N.F.P.E.)

No.P3/CPMG/2015-16                                                                                         Dated: 11.01.2016

Gujarat Circle
Ahmedabad 380 0001

A soft reminder for taking action in the matter of force by administration for opening of fake APY Accounts at Ahmedabad GPO at the risk of concerned postal staff.
My Email dated 01.01.2016

Hon. Sir,
Namaskar. I am not in receipt of acknowledgement/action taken upon narrations submitted in attachment of my email dated 01.01.16. The same is again attached herewith.

It is to further state that the story of unjustified and irregular opening of APY accounts in the biggest office relates to Ahmedabad GPO. I think it should be made clear by me so that the administration side can take further action in the matter.

this is a very serious case of: 
  • deceiving the department, 
  • showing fake date of birth of employees above age of 50 and more on forms for opening account, 
  • collection of wrong premiums, 
  • violation of instructions for obtaining KYC for opening account, 
  • opening of APY accounts of persons having real age above 50 years as per their dates of birth on the service book as they all are postman and other postal staff of GPO itself, 
  • misuse of administrative powers,
  • providing wrong information to department regarding achievement of targets,
  • putting concerned PAs and Supervisors in risk of responsibility for opening irregular account in violation of rules, by 
  • violation of instructions of higher authorities 
I specifically urge for following action in the matter:

  • Identify responsible person/s for initiation and direction for such absolutely irregular action and take suitable exemplary disciplinary action which the administration is used to take against Group C/D officials for petty type of errors and shortcomings.   
  • Issue of formal orders for closure of irregular accounts, showing specific reasons, opened in contravention of rules for opening APY account
  • Refund of amount of concerned staff and if refund from account is not permissible, refund by recovery from the responsible person/s who directed for opening such accounts knowingly
  • issue of instructions to heads of offices to refrain from such irregular action merely for earning appreciation from higher officers
  • Clear instructions to all units to not to force for splitting one higher denomination account into multiple lower denomination accounts as per DOP orders No. F.No.116-26/2015-SB dated 10.08.15.

A reply to the us is always solicited particularly on important issues.

With respectful regards,

yours sincerely

Rashmin Purohit

From: "rashmin dineshchandra purohit"
Sent: Fri, 01 Jan 2016 14:43:10 +0530
To: "cpmg_guj "
Subject: New year greetings

Respected PA to Hon. CPMG.
Namaste, Happy new year.

kindly print the attachment and put up to Hon.CPMG


yours sincerely

rashmin purohit
circle secretary
aipe union group c

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A letter in reply to a letter of CPMG Gujarat Circle

Affiliated with the National Federation of Postal Employees
Gujarat Circle

No.P3/CPMG/2015-16                                                                                   Dated: 11.01.2016

Guj.Circle, Ahd

Arbitrary and unjustified with holding of pay and allowances of SDIs and SPMs 

CO Ahd Letter No. Uniion/2-1/2013/KW dated 05.01.16

Namaskar. In response to the above, i again say and submit that the matter is now over and staff side does not prefer to chew up pretty matters again and again but here it appears from the reply that it has created impressions as if staff side had made a wrong representation even on nonoccurence of facts. I am also sad to know that divisional heads are providing wrong or tactical feedback to higher offices. 

i enclose herewith an image of letter issued by the SP for not releasing pay and allowances of 30 officials for the month of November 2015 which includes 1 ASP and 3 SDIs, without consulting him. On 30.11.15 also there was uproar and resentment amongst the officials regarding this and that too in the name of allocation of targets for opening new live accounts, as mentioned in the case mark and also in the subject of the letter No. SB2/SBCC/targets 2015-16/2015 dated 16.11.15. On my telephonic representation the pay was subsequently released on 30.11.15 but would it be considered fair, justified and appropriate to stop the duty pay of the huge number of officials for creating pressure for achieving targets! Particularly in the concerned division, you can call for records of March 2015 only in which team work of staff by efficient co ordination had achieved unexpected huge quantum of target of opening of new live accounts. This happens as a routine, even then the DH pressurize the staff by written instructions for withholding of pay, that is not appropriate approach for creating managerial inspiration to concerned subordinates who are even otherwise hardworking. As such strict instructions are required to all DHs for avoiding such type of harshness and suppression over staff who are already working under stress due to acute shortage of manpower, problems due to migration to CBS and other hardware/software related problems in daily work and seating in the office till late hours as a routine now a days.

so far as issue of bi-monthly meetings of Rajkot region is concerned, the regional administration is not taking unions seriously and dates of previous meetings are in March 14, March 15 and now up to January 16 no meeting. Meaning of "active consideration" and "outcome" is not understood. It is incumbent upon them (all regions & CO) to hold periodical meetings regularly. On one hand there is staff shortage, on other hand migration to CBS etc time scheduled works are going on. We never like and intend to create atmosphere of conflicts and struggle as far as it is possible because our real purpose is also to support the administration side in achieving new heights of services and programs launched through our department. Regional administration of Rajkot should understand this as a matter of our affirmative approach and not weakness. Staff side requests Hon. CPMG to examine a data of all periodical meetings held during last two years by referring to dates of Bimonthly, Four monthly and RJCM meetings at C.O. and R.O.s

Certain items pinches staff side constantly. For example our divisional union of Bardoli had taken up issue of repairing of DG Set at Bardoli HO before one year. Subsequently Circle Union had also taken up this matter at R.O. Vadodara as well as at C.O. in various meetings and letters/Emails. Due to non working of DG Set it becomes very uneasy for staff in case of power supply failure. Such items are not even required to be taken by staff side. It is for administration side to ensure that such costly equipments remain in working condition, otherwise there is no meaning of wasting huge amounts of the government for purchase of such precious items. Despite our repeated efforts, the DG set of Bardoli HO has not been repaired. Concerned staff annoyed upon unions too that they cant convince administration and resolve their daily problems which obstructs smooth office work. I hope that such matters are discussed as and when next meetings are held and in the mean time if possible, remedial action would be taken.


Respectfully yours

Rashmin Purohit