Saturday, May 16, 2015

AIC Lucknow.. count down starts...

Dear Comrades,
Count down starts for AIC Lucknow. Let us make a memorable attendance, performance and contributions to the AIC and keep name of our Gujarat Circle on hights.

All DS are requested to inform by email or msg about number of delegates/visitors.

We will make a united performance. All will remain in contact with CS and meet daily at convenient time once a day.

Gujarat circle delegates will seat together. 

No delegate will remain absent or run to other places as tourist. Your other programs should be adjusted only after AIC sessions. Absentee will not be treated as delegates.

Pl keep your outstanding remittance off quota with you in cash, cheque or DD. All divisions will have to clear on the spot. To avoid standing in lines you may till send it to all higher ups by direct credit or by cheque in speed post. Please clear quota of Circle union also in advance. All will have to clear it latest at AIC.

No decision should remain absent. All DS must attend AIC or send representatives.

Pl inform date and mode of your arrival/departure to circle union.