Monday, March 23, 2015


Biennial Divisional conference of Kachchh dn was held on 22nd April 2015 at Conference hall of Lalan College, Bhuj. This was a very nicely and perfectly well organized event by Team Kachchh dn. under able leadership of Com.Mihir Gandhi as Divisional Secretary. Shri. Dr.Paresh Raval Learned personality and Principal of the college and Shri. S.P.Hariyani SP Kachchh dn were special invitees. Com.S.K.Vaishnav Circle President, Com.Rashmin Purohit Circle Secretary and Com. M.G.Dulera Circle Finance Secretary were present from Circle union. Com.Dinesh Solanki Divisional Secretary Ahmedabad City Dn., Com. C.M.Nayak Divisional Finance Secretary of Ahd City Dn. also remained present. Shri.Pattabhiraman ASP HQ and Shri. Montu Joshi SDI also added charm in the function by their presence. Shri. Daulatsinh Dhal, Divisional President and Regional Secretary of NUPE Group'C' also present through out the function and established Unity of Postal JCA in the division and region too. Presence if Dedicated leader and DS of GDS union (NFPE) Com.Naresh Bhatt was also glorifying the event. Com. Joshi DS P4 was also present. A grand farewell was given to retired comrades of all cadres.  The Conference was presided over by Com. Sunil Mehta Divisional President.

Inspiring and educative lecture was delivered by Shri. Paresh Raval. Shri.S.P.Hariyani also delivered an affectionate speech and called upon all cadres to maintain positive approach in daily routine life besides duty in office. He is a very co operative and beloved officer having incomparable image upon staff where he worked, said CS about him in the speech. 

CS and Circle President described at length need of unity, awareness and active involvement of each member in coming programs under banner of Postal JCA and National Council (JCM). The Circle Secretary specifically mentioned that Kachchh division has launched all agitation programs most perfectly and you have set examples for others. This is great pride of this division. Moreover, staff fought strongly against corruption. The result may be anything but this fight set a solid impression and sense of fear in the mind of all corruption doing elements who started to believe that there is a union which will recognize and strongly fight against corruption and injustice by misuse of powers.

The delicious and tasty lunch was also very nicely served at the end of program.

Com.Sunil Maheta and Com. Mihir Gandhi were unanimously elected as Dnl President and Secretary respectively.

Circle union greets newly elected body with hope that they will organize and attend all programs in next months onwards.