Friday, August 26, 2011

Punishment for Corrupt Officials

The Government is considering a set of proposals to cut the time taken to penalise delinquent Government officials including sacking of officials found to be involved in corruption.

The Government had appointed a three member Committee of Experts to examine and suggest measures to expedite the process involved in Disciplinary/Vigilance Proceedings. The Committee has made a number of recommendations aimed at reducing time taken in conducting and concluding disciplinary proceedings against government servants. In its Report, the Committee has recommended :

· Creation of panels of Inquiry Officers from amongst both serving and retired government servants and enhancement of remuneration for conducting inquiries;

Prescribing a time limit of two months for completion of minor penalty disciplinary inquiries and 12 months for major penalty disciplinary inquiries;

Dispensing with second stage consultation with CVC;

Dispensing with consultation with UPSC in minor penalty disciplinary cases;

Setting up of Vigilance Commissions with statutory status in the States;

Introduction of Plea-Bargaining in major penalty disciplinary inquiries;

Major penalty of compulsory retirement to include cut in pension/gratuity;

Amendment of Article 311 of the Constitution to provide for dismissal from service on charges of corrupt practices after beginning of trial in a competent court;

The Report of Committee is under examination.

This was stated by the Minister of State in the Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions Shri V. Narayanasamy in written reply to a question in the Lok Sabha today.


After a small vacation, in the festive periods of Rakshabandhan & Janmashtami, I resume on my desk. There were also few problems in connecting internate. Now sound arrangements are being made for regular online connectivity and exchange of view and news with our members.

During the period, the Circle Union was not resting. A Four Monthly Meeting was held at Circle Office, Ahmedabad and also a Bimonthly meeting was held at the office of PMG Vadodara . Besides formal discussions on union items on record, various problems were informally discussed with the administration in a cordial atmosphere. The issues which are informally discussed and would be taken as formal items were pertaining to proper maintenance of computer systems, disposal/condemnation of old equipments, supply of high speed line printers at the Speed Post Nodal Offices at Ahmedabad, posting/deputation of OAs at PSD Ahmedabad, separating technology branch at every Divisional Office, problems of female staff in compulsory overstay in office particularly when power supply fails till late evening, Non grant of monthly meetings at Navsari division by the Divisional Head, delay in clearance of MACP at Valsad division, bias and revengeful approach of Ex.SPO Mahesana in writing ACRs and several other issues were taken up. We always try hard to properly communicate our problems and find out amicable solutions by discussions.

The Circle Union is also bothered about so many innocent officials remaining under suspension and facing disciplinary cases at Vadodara and Ahmedabad GPO. We do not support any culprit who is blameworthy for his deliberately unfair venture but we are always with innocent employees stressed by the department on account of procedural lacuna or trivial unintentional errors of work and when contributory responsibilities are forced for no valid reasons.

Circle Union is also concerned about several employees of Gandhinagar division whose transfers to Ahmedabad City division or GPO are pending though a number of their juniors/successors have been transferred. The matter is under correspondence with the concerned authorities including Circle Office. The details cannot be posted here.

Com.R.J.Patel DS Patan Dn, one of our senior and loyal comrade, resigned from the responsibility as a Divisional Secreary on account of personal circumstances. He will continue his active contribution towards our union in the division as well as circle union effectively. Circle secretary, accompanied by Com.S.K.Vaishnav Asst CS, Com. M.G.Dulera Circle Finance Secretary and also Com. Mahesh K. Chauhan Ex. DS Ahd GPO, visited Patan division and held a staff meeting which was presided over by Com.Akhani, Divisional President. There were 35 new members yearning to join/rejoin as member of our union. The charge of Divisional Secretary has been recently handed over to Com.Raval OA DO Patan. Circle union conveys best wishes to him with an advice to concentrate on understanding problems of employees and compose his best efforts for solutions.

Circle Union congratulates all young officials who have cleared examination and entered in Postmaster Cadre Grade I.

Bimonthly meeting of Head Quarter region will be held at C.O. Ahmedabad on 29.08.2011. Bimonthly meeting of Rajkot region will be held on 09.09.2011. Details of items will be made available later on. Circle Secretary will also attend a Monthly meeting of Kheda division on 01.09.2011.

All Divisional Secretaries and Members are invited to kindly give proper feedback/details of their problems with their suggestions for best possible remedial action. Please keep watch, visit Post Offices, meet members and collect details of their problems. Ensure that Clean and cold drinking water is available, drainage in POs and colonies are in order, proper lavatory blocks are available, years old problematic computers are not placed on, History sheets are available and condemnation of old computers are done, Printers are available and working, required furniture is available, personal claims are not long pending, there is no undue suppression on staff from any corner, staff is not facing frequent disciplinary action on small matters, maintenance of P&T Colonies is done regularly, there is no cases corruption etc. So many areas await for your visualization. Please recognize this feature and heroically & courageously carry on your responsibility.

Some mischievous elements had hawked Email ID of CHQ and sent messages for sending some amounts. The old Email ID of CHQ has been discontinued. New Email ID will be as : This is for information of all members.

Central Working Committee of our union will be held on 2-3 October, 2011 at Jabalpur but Circle Secretary will be unable to attend the same. During Navratri period, commencing from 28.09.11 to 07.10.11, C/S will remain only at Junagadh for handling of Navratri related popular public Garba/events constantly for ten days, which he does since last 25 years.

Again all Divisional Secretaries are requested to clear their quota for the previous year and by end of September 2011 remit 6 months quota for the current year. Please don’t send small lump sum amount. Rs.8/- per member per Month has to be remitted.


Com.Rashmin Purohit C/S has now been nominated, by the Federal Executive of NFPE, in the RJCM to replace Com.Barot Ex.Secreary.