Wednesday, May 6, 2015

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Details of meeting with MoC:

Details of meeting held at Sanchar Bhawan on 05.05.2015 at 1300 hrs with Hon’Minister of Communications by Secretary Generals of NFPE & FNPO on behalf of Postal Joint Council of Action.

In continuation of the meeting by PJCA leaders consisting all General Secretaries and Secretary Generals of both Federations ( NFPE &FNPO) held with Chairman Postal Services Board , Member(HRD),  Member (O), Member(Tech) & other higher officers of Postal Directorate on 30.04.2015 at 1100 hrs on all the 26 Charter of demands, the PJCA had decided to insist a further meeting with Hon’ Minister of Communications in respect of the following three Major sectional demands pertaining to the Postal fraternity.

1. Corporatisation and  Privatisation of Postal Department as recommended by the TASK FORCE committee.

2. Inclusion of Gramin Dak Sevaks (GDS) in the terms of reference of 7th Central Pay Commission. Grant of Civil servant status to GDS and grant of all benefits of departmental employees on pro-rata basis without any discrimination.

3. Implementation of Cadre Restructuring in Postal, RMS, MMS and Postal Accounts as per the proposal signed with the JCM (DC) staff side.
The ground was under active preparation for indefinite strike w.e.f .06.05.2015.

Secretary Generals of NFPE & FNPO on behalf of Postal Joint Council of Action were invited for meeting with Hon’Minister of Communications.

On 1300 hrs both Secretary Generals met the Hon’ MoC and submitted a memorandum on GDS issues primarily for inclusion of GDS under the purview of 7th Central Pay Commission. As the Department of Posts assured the PJCA on 30.04.2015 that the proposal will be strongly recommended and referred to D/o Expenditure for reconsideration, the Hon’ MoC was requested to offer his good offices.

Hon’Minister of Communications has assured that the GDS issues would be looked into with an open mind and he would try to his best.

The  Cadre Restructuring Proposal file is awaiting for the approval of Hon’ MoC and now even though he had some reservations, he agreed to pass it with positive recommendations. The Cadre Restructuring Proposal will shortly be forwarded to DoPT.

In respect of Task Force Committee recommendations, Hon’ MoC  has not given any assurance about future course of action. But he asserted that NO PRIVATISATION at present and there will be no reduction or structural change in the department.

The meeting with Hon’ MoC is hopeful.
Considering the reply given in the minutes by the Postal Directorate and assurance given by Hon’ MoC , the PJCA has decided to defer the proposed INDEFINITE STRIKE from 06.05.2015 .

A thoughtful comment 
in light mood :

For Self introspection:

So many of us posted and forwarded news regarding deferring of Indefinite Strike. But see back to posts and forwarding of few hours and days.. How many of us did this for strongly joining the strike!

Here are the unfolded reasons for deferring of strike.

For future:
If for only one occasion we succeed any agitation including Strike with almost 100% participation, our leader's voice will be 100 times strong for ever. Even a notice for strike would work if government knows that the strike is going to be 100% success. But if government knows that 50% of units will ignore call of higher ups and find out excuses and their own logics. Then obviously, the voice of leaderships would be week and result of strike call may not be beneficial. This is the reality. 

All of us should understand need of ultimate unity and make aware new entrants about trade union movements, history of our federation and landmark agitations launched so far by our dedicated and sacrificing leaders. 

We need to educate grassroots, face to face approach and constant coordination with meetings, study camps and print materials.

Divisions should come forward and arrange group meetings and purposeful gatherings on various occasions and invite Circle union representatives as well as leaders of neighboring divisions and some good orators who may be helpful in tightening unity and awareness of general staff about union activities, recent news and solutions of local issues.

All Divisions must take following major instructions in consideration failing which importance and significance of our strength would be down:

1. Hold regular monthly meetings with Divisional heads and send items of Agenda regularly. There is no restrictions on number of items at divisional level monthly meeting.

2.Visit offices, branches, colonies and understand problems of staff by giving a good hearing. Take much important issues in monthly meetings and write a number of letters with copy to the concerned staff and office. Each letter has to be acknowledged by administration. If you don't write letters and remind for progress report/replies, your half importance and significance is down. You must take care of this. 

3.There is nothing wrong in personal relation with officers. It is always welcomed and honoured but so far as functioning of a Divisional Secretary is concerned, personal relationship should not dominate. We can do few work by using relations and good offices but it should not be in such a way that our union is less effective then personal relations. I know, all of you understand this point.

4. As per constitutional provision, call periodical Divisional Executive Committee meetings and always ensure presence of Circle Secretary in that meeting by advance confirmation of dates. Send copy of agenda/letters/replies/photos of events to Circle Union. It can be published in blog and your division's staff can refer and copy it on the spot.

5. Keep your accounts ready at the each month and ensure remittance of Quota regularly to all higher ups. No division can send quota as per time and amount of own wish. 

6. It is compulsory for all office bearers of Circle & Division to see our blog of Circle union at least once a day. There may be important instructions or informations. 

7. It is important to be in touch with each other even on social media. Create groups on whatsApp in each divisions for NFPE members. We will share important news on the spot therein.

8. On receipt of any message from Circle union, immediately give a response. 

I know, many of you are seniors and similarly many are having less experience. My intension for above instructions is meant for better functioning of our Union at all levels. There may be scope for your valuable suggestions to Circle union also. Let us restart upgrading quality of our task by healthy conversations and exchange of views.

I know, Com.S.K.Vaishnav Circle President will print hard copies of this post in a day and will send to all divisions.