Sunday, January 31, 2016


ANSWERED ON: 16.12.2015
Postal Employees
Will the Minister of


(a) the number of employees working in the post offices across the country;

(b) whether there is shortage of postmen and post masters in the department;

(c) if so, the details thereof and the action taken by the Government in this regard;

(d) whether the employees of post offices are given any training before appointment and assigning specific tasks; and

(e) if so, the details thereof and if not, the action taken in this regard?


(a) The number of employees working in the post offices across the country is 189719.

(b) Yes, Sir. 

(c) There is shortage of 11058 postmen and 2335 postmasters. All cadres in the Department have fixed sanctioned strength and whenever any posts in any of the cadres fall vacant due to promotion, retirement, death, deputation or leave, duties of such posts are managed by redistribution and combination of duties in post offices for ensuring smooth delivery of postal services till the time these posts are filled up on regular basis in the Circle concerned. Filling up of such vacancies is an on-going process in the Department as per the provisions contained in the Recruitment Rules of each cadre.

(d) Yes, Sir.

(e) The details of Induction training for various cadres are given below:
1 Indian Postal Service (IPoS) Group Á 2 years
2 ‘Postal Service (PS) Group ‘B 4 weeks
3 Inspector Posts (Direct Recruit) 16 weeks
4 Inspector Posts (Departmental) 14 weeks
5 Postmaster Grade-I 3 weeks
6 Postal Assistant Circle Office/Regional Office 5 weeks
7 Postal Assistant/Sorting Assistant (Direct Recruit) 9 weeks
8 Postal Assistant/Sorting Assistant (Lower Grade Officials) 9 weeks
9 Postman/Mail Guard/Mail Overseer 2 weeks
10 Multi Tasking Staff 1 week


Name of Circle Total number of employees working in post offices Number of vacant post of postmen Number of vacant post of postmasters
1 A.P 18922 846 602
2 Assam 2886 30 06
3 Bihar 8791 127 124
4 Chhattisgarh 1591 124 13
5 Delhi 4853 1041 84
6 Gujarat 10915 1442 266
7 Haryana 4165 96 27
8 H.P 8500 91 45
9 J&K 1124 161 08*
10 Jharkhand 2070 189 02
11 Karnataka 10788 454 64
12 Kerala 6209 439 202
13 M.P. 6669 663 73
14 Maharashtra 20159 1680 106
15 N.E 1628 198 23
16 Odisha 19068 178 130
17 Punjab 5552 287 41
18 Rajasthan 6734 189 86
19 Tamilnadu 16319 1054 230
20 U.P 18138 1134 61
21 Uttrakhand 1971 205 17
22 W.B 12667 430 125
TOTAL 189719 11058 2335
* Confirmed on phone.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

A positive appeal.

Any one (postal employee), working at Ahmedabad, ready to join me for dedicated & consistent campaign for popularising APY by visiting various potential areas, industries, villages and so on?

Any efficient PA, Postman, MTS, GDS can join me.

The willing official will be completely relieved from his routine duties and will be required to join from morning to late evening. It should be like a volunteered endeavors. However, there will be no need for own expenditure. Time, brain power and dedicated efforts are required.

I urge for response here and also contact on whatsapp on 9427208408.

All friends in Rajkot region knows I do such work 100% free, using own car, without any type of remuneration or TA DA, any commission or any reward. This year I would prefer to work at Ahmedabad area or HQ region.

If like minded positive group in any other division is ready to do similar type of work for APY, RPLI etc they may also respond and show their readiness. 

As a major Union, we have set so many imitable examples in past and I request to consider this appeal as a part of our affirmative role and responsibility besides fearless & unbiased representation on burning issues.

Friday, January 29, 2016

CWC Chandigarh

Gujarat Circle

No. P3/cwc/SplCL/16.        Dtd. 29-1-16

Guj.Circle, Ahmedabad

Grant of Special CL for attending Central Working Committee meeting at Chandigarh on 6-7 February 2016

Hon. Sir,
Namaskar. Notice for above stated CWC  meeting has been sent to all COs by the GS. It may please be treated as digitally attested by Circle Secretary. For attending said meeting following office bearers will visit Chandigarh and it is requested to issue instruction to Hon.SSP Ahd & Hon. SP  PSD for grant of SPL CL to them:

1.R.D.Purohit Working President (CHQ),& OA PSD Ahd.

2. M.G.Dulera Deputised Circle Secretary & PA Allisbridge PO And.

They will require SPL CL from 4-2-16 to 9-2-16 for the days (excluding Saturday/Sunday whichever fall during period).
Kindly issue instructions as urged.

With regards,

Yours sincerely

Rashmin Purohit
CS&Working President

Copy respectfully submitted for information & necessary action to:
1. Hon. SSP Ahd City Dn.
2.Hon. SP PSD Ahmedabad

Saturday, November 7, 2015
The Central Working Committee Meeting of AIPEU Group ‘C’ will be held at Baba Makhan Shah Lobana Foundation, Sector 30-A, Chandigarh (Punjab Circle) on 06.02.2016 & 07.02.2016. All India office bearers, Circle Secretaries and Mahila Sub Committee members are requested to book their tickets in advance to avoid any inconvenience.

Rashmin Purohit

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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Let us also join campaign for opening of APY accounts.

Pl contact me if any PA at Ahmedabad city or gpo or adjoining divisions (at own cost) who is ready to work in a team for campaign of visiting various potential area & industries to open APY accounts. Two of willing PAs will be relieved on duty for doing this work with me.

I hope that some one will respond.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Our union registered strong protest against pressure and irregularities by exploitation of postal employees and in the end C.O. seeks for providing examples (! ) and asked C.S. to come to C.O. on 27-6-15. We will go with elaborated Memorandum. All staff members from any corner are requested to provide feedbacks


Your email has been acknowledge herewith. I am directed to request you to come on 27.01.2016 along with specific examples if any.

A J Patel
Asstt. Director (PC) , 
O/o Chief Postmaster General,
Gujarat Circle, Ahmedabad.
Ph: 079-25504673 

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: CPMG Gujrat Circle<>
Date: Mon, Jan 25, 2016 at 11:02 AM
Subject: Fw: irregular opening of APY accounts at Ahmedabad GPO in the name of ineligible postal employees without KYC and with face date of birth
To: "" <>, "" <>, "cpmahmedabadgpo.dop" <>
Cc: DPS HQ Ahmedabad <>

From:<> on behalf of rashmin dineshchandra purohit <>Sent: Sunday, January 24, 2016 7:35 AM
To: CPMG Gujrat Circle; DPS HQ Ahmedabad
Subject: Fw: irregular opening of APY accounts at Ahmedabad GPO in the name of ineligible postal employees without KYC and with face date of birth
Hon'ble sir,                     Dt.24-1-16
I urge for a reply on action taken on my previous emails regarding fake & irregular APY accounts opened at Ahd GPO and action against concerned officer who knowingly deceived the department and set very ugly example of playing tactics instead of achieving various targets by a positive approach for working in the field and increasing connectivity with public. Such officers at lower level, by doing so, gives negative lessons to new recruits and young employees who can, otherwise, do much more and play productive role in the department.
I am also informed that Sr.PM Navrangpura has also opened APY accounts in the name of postal employees. This is also not permissible. I have not adequately confirmed this information but it is requested to inquire into this matter also and ask concerned officer to close such irregular accounts, arrange to refund amount to employees and do not accept further deposits. Suitable disciplinary action on concerned must be taken for knowingly doing wrong and causing violation of rules as well as loss to department by using stationary.
It may also be inquired whether similar tactics are played in other offices in addition to GPO and Navrangpura.
I am thinking to approach Hon. Minister of Communication to examine such happenings, cause strict action on concerned and issue instructions to all circles because such illusive achievement of targets might be prevailing in many other circles too.
Sir, we can really open thousands of APY accounts by consolidated efforts. I have gone through your DO Letter dtd 5-1-16 and say that your approach is quite in right direction. In my native division, I am going to hold a big staff meeting and get promise from each staff including GDS for opening at least 10 APY accounts of only eligible public. We can discuss unitedly for doing best possible because when Hon. CPMG Rajasthan circle is also heading Gujarat circle, it will be shame on team of Gujarat if they make a very inferior show compared to Rajasthan. We are ready to perform under right direction. I request to hold meeting with staff side on the issue. It will definitely make difference.
Kind acknowledgement and reply by email is solicited.
Regards sir,
Yours sincerely
Rashmin Purohit
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From: "rashmin dineshchandra purohit"
Sent:Wed, 20 Jan 2016 14:27:23 +0530
To: "cpmg_guj "
Cc: ""

Subject: irregular opening of APY accounts at Ahmedabad GPO in the name of ineligible postal employees without KYC and with face date of birth
Date: 20.01.16

Hon'ble sir,
Namaskar. Kindly refer to my letter dated 11.1.16 in the matter. I seek acknowledgement of the letter, following information about action taken.



Yours sincerely

Rashmin Purohit

From: "rashmin dineshchandra purohit"
Sent: Mon, 11 Jan 2016 15:41:52 +0530
To: "cpmg_guj "
Cc: "dpshqguj "
Subject: Fw: New year greetings

(Affiliated with N.F.P.E.)

No.P3/CPMG/2015-16 Dated: 11.01.2016

Gujarat Circle
Ahmedabad 380 0001

A soft reminder for taking action in the matter of force by administration for opening of fake APY Accounts at Ahmedabad GPO at the risk of concerned postal staff.
My Email dated 01.01.2016

Hon. Sir,
Namaskar. I am not in receipt of acknowledgement/action taken upon narrations submitted in attachment of my email dated 01.01.16. The same is again attached herewith.

It is to further state that the story of unjustified and irregular opening of APY accounts in the biggest office relates toAhmedabad GPO. I think it should be made clear by me so that the administration side can take further action in the matter.

this is a very serious case of:
  • deceiving the department,
  • showing fake date of birth of employees above age of 50 and more on forms for opening account,
  • collection of wrong premiums,
  • violation of instructions for obtaining KYC for opening account,
  • opening of APY accounts of persons having real age above 50 years as per their dates of birth on the service book as they all are postman and other postal staff of GPO itself,
  • misuse of administrative powers,
  • providing wrong information to department regarding achievement of targets,
  • putting concerned PAs and Supervisors in risk of responsibility for opening irregular account in violation of rules, by
  • violation of instructions of higher authorities
I specifically urge for following action in the matter:

  • Identify responsible person/s for initiation and direction for such absolutely irregular action and take suitable exemplary disciplinary action which the administration is used to take against Group C/D officials for petty type of errors and shortcomings.
  • Issue of formal orders for closure of irregular accounts, showing specific reasons, opened in contravention of rules for opening APY account
  • Refund of amount of concerned staff and if refund from account is not permissible, refund by recovery from the responsible person/s who directed for opening such accounts knowingly
  • issue of instructions to heads of offices to refrain from such irregular action merely for earning appreciation from higher officers
  • Clear instructions to all units to not to force for splitting one higher denomination account into multiple lower denomination accounts as per DOP orders No. F.No.116-26/2015-SB dated 10.08.15.

A reply to the us is always solicited particularly on important issues.

With respectful regards,

yours sincerely

Rashmin Purohit

From: "rashmin dineshchandra purohit"
Sent: Fri, 01 Jan 2016 14:43:10 +0530
To: "cpmg_guj "
Subject: New year greetings

Respected PA to Hon. CPMG.
Namaste, Happy new year.

kindly print the attachment and put up to Hon.CPMG


yours sincerely

rashmin purohit
circle secretary
aipe union group c

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This e-mail message is intended to be received only by person entitled to receive the confidential information it may contain. E-mail messages to client of "Department Of POST" may contain information that is confidential and legally privileged. Please do not read, copy, forward, or store this message unless you are an intended recipient of it. If you have received this message in error, please forward it to the sender and delete it completely from your computer system.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

REPOSTED ON QUERIES BY SOME GDS EMPLOYEES: Grant of Maternity Leave to Women GDS from Welfare Fund

Latest Instructions

Government of India
Ministry of Communications & IT
Department of Posts
(Establishment Division)
Dak Bhawan, Sansad Marg.
New Delhi-110001
No.17-9/2011-GDS Dated the 21-Mar 2011
All Chief Postmaster General,
Reference is invited to this Directorate letter No.6-1/2009. PE.II dated 09 October 2009 providing for Maternity Grant to the women GDS.
2. One man Committee under Shri RS Nataraja Murti constituted under Resolution No. 6-1/2007-PE II dated 23rd July 2007 examined the system of Extra Departmental Post Offices and wage structure of Gramin Dak Sevak & submitted its report on 29thOctober 2008. After approval of Cabinet, the Department issued orders under No. 6-1/2009 PE II dated 09 October 2009. It was prescribed under Para 9 of the ibid that "women GDS will be provided Maternity Grant equivalent to three months TRCA with DA for the birth date of issue of the order".
3. The recommendations made by the One man Committee in Para 16.10.1have been examined further and it has been decided that Maternity Grant equal to three month's TRCA with DA out of welfare fund will be payable from the welfare fund at the disposal of the Circles effective from 09 October 2009 on fulfillment of the following conditions;-
(a) Maternity Grant will be payable to a woman GDS for each child up to the birth of maximum of two children limited to a maximum of two confinements resulting into birth of first two children only during the entire engagement of the following of a woman GDS.
(b) The women GDS must have rendered a minimum of one year service of becoming eligible for grant under the provision.
(c) No Financial Grant will be admissible for medical termination of pregnancy (abortion). Miscarriage and still births.
4. The scheme of allowing Maternity Grant is like any other ongoing welfare scheme paid out of welfare fund. Funds will be allocated for this scheme by welfare section of this Directorate to the Circles. Heads of the Division will be competent to sanction Maternity Grant to the women GDS out of welfare fund placed at their disposal by the Circle concerned.
5. Woman Gramin Dak Sevaks like Mil Deliverer and Mail Carrier may also be considered for lighter duties wherever possible during the pre and post confinement period for a maximum period of six months.
6. Woman GDS shall be granted Maternity Leave not exceeding six months covering the pre and post confinement period. For the period of Maternity Leave, Woman GDS will be paid Maternity Grant for three months and leave for another three months may be granted without allowances.
7. Existing powers of Divisional Heads for grant of leave beyond 180 days leave without allowances availed by GDS to work against in Group D and Postman vacancies would also cover period of three month Maternity Leave with allowances (Maternity Grant) and another period of leave for three months without allowances if availed by Woman GDS.
8. The contents may be brought to the knowledge of all concerned. This has the approval of the competent authority.

Yours faithfully,

(Surender Kumar)
Assistant Director General (GDS/PCC)

NFIR Affiliates to Conduct Massive Dharnas on 19, 20 & 21 January 2016 All over Indian Railways

National Federation of Indian Railwaymen
No.IV/NJCA(N)/2014/Part I
Dated: 09/01/2016
The General secretaries of
Affliliated Unions of NFIR
Sub: 26-Point Charter of demands of NJCA-reg.
Ref: NFIR’s letter of even number dated 23rd & 25th December, 2015.
Please refer to Federation’s communication cited under reference wherein the affiliated Unions were advised to conduct massive dharnas on 19th, 20th & 21st January 2016 at all State/Capitals/Industrial Centres/Establishments and at Zonal/Divisional Railway Head Quarters on the Charter of Demands duly mobilizing large number of Railway employees.
While enclosing again the NJCACharter of Demands, the Federation added “Railways specific issues” which should also contain theCharter of Demands for the purpose of campaigning among Railway employees to prepare them for struggle in the event of Government’s failure to work for negotiated settlement. The Charterof Demands now contains 26+10 (total 36) Demands which should facilitate the NFIR affiliates to reach every worker and explain the decision taken by the NJCA for launching Indefinite Strike if the Government fails to concede the demands through negotiations. Posters/Pamphlets may be issued in local languages also for inspiring every worker and for motivating them to standunitedly for realization of Demands.
A proforma of Strike Notice is also enclosed for taking necessary action at your level. As already advised, the Strike Ballot may be conducted during the period 7th to 9th February and in any case before 11th February 2016 and results thereof to be declared immediately duly sending the report to the Federation. Strike Ballot paper may be got prepared/printed while Charter of Demands also are required to be exhibited to facilitate the workers to give their opinion through Secret Ballot.
Federation hopes that large mobilization of workers will be ensured by each affiliate on all the three days (19th, 20th & 21st January, 2016) for the success of agitations.
Yours fraternally.
(Dr. M. Raghavaiah)
General Secretary
Source : NFIR

Procedure for empanelment of retired officers as the Inquiry Officers for conducting Departmental Inquiries – DoPT Orders on 7.1.2016

F.No.142/40/2015-A VD.I
Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions
Department of Personnel and Training
New Delhi Dated, the 7th January, 2016
Subject: Procedure for empanelment of retired officers as the Inquiry Officers for conducting Departmental Inquiries– reg.
The undersigned is directed to state that the issue of utilizing the services of retired officers for conducting departmental inquiries had been under consideration of the Department. It has now been decided that panels of retired officers from the Ministries/Departments under Government of India and PSUs would be created and maintained by the respective Cadre Controlling Authorities for conducting Departmental Inquiries against the delinquent officials.
2. Procedure for empanelment of retired officers as the Inquiry Officers – Panels of retired officers not below the rank of Deputy Secretary in Central Government and equivalent officer in the State Governments/PSUs to be appointed as the Inquiry Officer for the purpose of conducting departmental inquiries would be maintained level/rank wise and place-specific by each cadre controlling authority where its offices are located.
3. Validity of the panel – The panel of the retired officers created for the purpose of appointing Inquiry Officers for conducting departmental inquiry will be valid for a period of three years. The respective Cadre Controlling Authority will ensure that a panel of retired Inquiry Officers is available with them.
4. Following are the eligibility conditions for appointment of willing retired officers as the Inquiry Officers to conduct departmental inquiries:-
(i) The retired officers willing to serve as the Inquiry Officer should not be morethan 65 years of age as on the 1st April of the year of his/her empanelment.
(ii) He/she should be in sound health – both physically and mentally.
(iii) He/she should not be an accused officer in any pending inquiry and should be of impeccable integrity.
5. The respective Cadre Controlling Authority will immediately take necessary action for inviting applications from willing and eligible retired officers to serve as the Inquiry Officer for conducting departmental inquiry. In this regard, a format for inviting applications is annexed.
6. A three-member committee consisting of Joint Secretary level officers including CVO of the concerned Ministry/Departments/PSUs would be constituted by the respective cadre controlling authority. The other two members can be from the same Ministry/Department or from the attached or subordinate office. After receipt of willingness of the retired officers, names of the officers will be screened by the committee so constituted and panel of officers (Database) will be created rank-wise viz., Deputy Secretary, Director, Joint Secretary, Additional Secretary, Secretary, etc. Approval of Minister-in-charge may be solicited for making the panel of the officers. Appointment of Inquiry Officer, from the panel of eligible retired officers, will be done by a random draw of lot. The Committee constituted for making panels of retired officers as the Inquiry Officer has to keep in mind that applications of retired officers willing to serve as an Inquiry Officer should be scrutinized carefully to ensure that the applicant meets the eligibility criteria.
7. The number of disciplinary cases assigned to an Inquiry Officer may be restricted to 20 cases in a year, with not more than 4 cases at a time.
8. Terms and conditions for appointment of retired officers as the Inquiry Officer.
The designated Inquiry Officer shall require to give an undertaking as follows:-
(i) That he/she is not a witness or a complainant in the matter to be inquired into or a close relative or a known friend of the delinquent Government officer.
(ii) shall maintain strict secrecy in relation to the documents he/she receives or information/data collected by him/her in connection with the inquiry and utilize the same only for the purpose of inquiry in the case entrusted to him/her.
9. No such documents/information or data shall be divulged to anyone during the Inquiry or after presentation of the Inquiry Report. All the records, reports etc. available with the Inquiry Officer shall be duly returned to the authority which appointed him/her as such, at the time of presentation of the Inquiry Report.
10. The Inquiry Officer shall conduct the inquiry proceedings in the official premises provided by the Department/Organization, which engages him/her.
11. The Inquiry Officer shall undertake travel for conducting inquiry (in unavoidable circumstances) with the approval of the Disciplinary Authority.
12. The Inquiry Officer shall submit the inquiry report after completing the inquiry within ninety days from the date of his/her appointment as the Inquiry Officer. Extension of time beyond ninety days can be granted only by the Disciplinary Authority.
13. The rates of honorarium and other allowances payable to the Inquiry Officer will be as under:-

Payment will be made to the Inquiry Officer only when the report is accepted by the Disciplinary Authority. In case it is not possible to proceed with the matter due to stay by courts etc., the Inquiry Officer may be discharged from his/her duties and payment of honorarium and other allowances will be made on pro rata basis.
14. Before the payment is received by the Inquiry Officer, it will be his/her responsibility to ensure that:-
(a) All case records and inquiry report (two ink signed copies) properly documented and arranged is handed over to the Disciplinary Authority.
(b) The report returns findings on each of the Articles of Charge which has been enquired into should specifically deal and addresses each of the procedural objections, if any, raised by the charged officers as per the extant rules and instructions.
(c) There should not be any ambiguity in the inquiry report and therefore every care should be taken to ensure that all procedures for conducting departmental inquiries have been followed in accordance with the relevant rules/instructions of disciplinary and appeal Rules to which the delinquent Government officials are governed.
15. Letter regarding engaging a retired officer as the Inquiry Officer will only be issued with the approval of the Disciplinary Authority of the Ministry/Department/ Office concerned.
16. The Department of Personnel & Training (AVD.I) may be consulted in case of clarification( s) on any of the issues related to empanelment of retired officer as an Inquiry Officer for conducting departmental inquiries.
17. The services of Inquiry Officers whose performance is not upto the mark will be terminated with the approval of appointing authority.
Under Secretary to the Government of India
Authority :

Entire recruitment process including and starting from advertisement, conducting written examination or holding of interview may be completed within six months.

F. No. Misc-14017/15/2015-Estt. (RR)
Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, P.G. & Pensions
Department of Personnel & Training
North Block, New Delhi
Dated: 11.1.2016
Subject: Instructions regarding time limit for holding examinations /interviews from the date of advertisement for the post under directrecruitment – reg.
The undersigned is directed to refer to the subject and to say that it has come to notice of this Department that there are instances of a long time lag between the date of advertisement for the vacancy and date of examination orinterview. This delay may deny the opportunity to fresh candidates who become eligible during that period, while creating an atmosphere of uncertainty to candidates who have applied. .
2. All Ministries / Departments are, therefore, requested that while initiating therecruitment process to fill vacant posts(s) by the method of direct recruitmentin their Ministries / Departments, it may be ensured that the entirerecruitment process including and starting from advertisement, conducting written examination or holding of interview may be completed within six months.
3. The administrative Ministries / Departments may issue similar instructions to autonomous bodies / PSUs / statutory bodies under their administrative control.
(Mukesh Chaturvedi)
Director (E-I)
Authority :

Simplify the procedure of application and procedure of processing of LTC claims – Dopt Orders

JANUARY 11, 2016

Central Civil Services (Leave Travel concession) Rules, 1988 – Fulfillment of Procedural requirements
No.31011/3/2015-Estt (A.IV)
Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions
Department of Personnel and Training
Establishment A-IV Desk
North Block, New Delhi-110 001
Dated: January 11, 2016
Subject:- Central Civil Services (Leave Travel concession) Rules, 1988 – Fulfillment of Procedural requirements.
This Department is in receipt of a number of references regarding the procedural difficulties faced by the Government employees in application and settlement of the LTC claims. Sometimes, the Government servants claim that failure to follow the correct procedure was on account of a lack of knowledge of the rules/instructions while in the other cases the delay is caused in the late processing of LTC claims.
2. To remove these bottlenecks, this Department has decided to simplify the procedure of application and make the procedure of processing of LTC claims time bound. The following time-limits shall be followed while processing the LTC applications/claims of the Government servants.
 S.No. Course of action Time limit
1.Leave Sanction 5 days + 2 days*
2.Sanction of LTC advance 5 days + 2 days*
3.Time taken by Administration for verification of LTC claim after the LTC bill is submitted by the Government employeefor settlement. 10 days + 2 days*
4.Time taken by DDO 5 days + 2 days*
5.Time taken by PAO 5 days + 2 days*
It may be noted that in cases where the place of posting of the Government employees is away from their Headquarters, additional 2 days transit-time may be allowed. The person proceeds on LTC after S.No.1 and 2 i.e. after ten days of applying LTC.
3. Under CCS (LTC) Ruler, the Government servants are required to inform their Controlling Officer before the journey(s) on LTC to be undertaken. It has now been decided that the Leave Sanctioning Authority shall obtain a self-certification from the employee regarding the proposed LTC journey. The proforma for self-certification has been annexed with this O.M.
4. In addition to the above, it has been decided that whenever a Government servant applies for LTC, he/she may be provided with a copy of the guidelines (enclosed) which needs to be followed while availing LTC.
5. Employees may be encouraged to share interesting insights and pictures, if any, of the destination he/she visited while availing LTC on an appropriate forum.
6. Comments of the above proposal may be furnished within 15 days via e-mail to email address
(Surya Narayan Jha)
Under Secretary to the Government of India