Monday, January 16, 2017

Glimpses of Welcome and Farewell Ceremony held by PRC Gondal on 16-01-2017

Warm Welcome to Shri. L. C. Jogi as SP Gondal. Farewell of Shri. Virda saheb. Farewell of Shri. Padhiyarbhai. Welcome to SDIs Shri. Prashant Pilojoara and Shri. Harimohan sinh. Shri. K.S.Thakkar ASRM Rajkot and Shri. Kairav Jadani SDI Rajkot also attended. Shri. A.L.Pathak Ex. SP (15 years back) till comes and glorifying functions at Gondal. Shri. S. K. Vaishnav Circle President P3 has monitored whole function very nicely. Shri. Devmurari has anchored the function effectively. It was memorable dinner with Hot Jalebi, Rotla, Bengan Bhartha, curd, subji, salads and what not? Really we witnessed a grand ceremony. Congratulations Team Gondal.