Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Reply by Hon. CPMG to our request for accepting welcome ceremony at Junagadh on 28-4-16, preceding day to 89th RJCM meeting at Somnath (Junagadh dn.)

D.O. No:  CPMG/Misc/2016                                                                            19th April, 2016

Dear Mr. Purohit,

         Thanks a lot for the invitation.  Due to paucity of time and other  preoccupations, the undersigned will not be able to accept the invitation.   However, I am grateful to all the Office Bearers and members of the Union from Divisions to Circle for bestowing their love and sentiments towards me. 

         However, I wish the Postal Parivar my best wishes for the Seminar on Digitization of Post Offices and Business Development.

       ​  With best wishes,

Yours sincerely,

( Lt.Col. D.K.S. Chauhan )


P3/Gujarat/Hon.Min/2016.      Dated:4-4-2016



Hon’ble Sir,

Namaskar. Respectful regards. Candidates were appointed in the PA/SA cadre in the Direct Recruitment Process for the year 2013-14 were taken on job after observing all pre-appointment formalities and Induction training.  The process of Pre-appointment formalities was held in abeyance subsequently and therefore many of selected candidates have been waiting for their appointment. On receipt of some complaints regarding irregularities in the recruitment process, vigilance Investigation was conducted and finally the Chief Postmaster General was informed by the Director General vide letter No. A-34013/05/2014-DE (Chapter-II) dated 11.12.2015 that “ the competent authority has ordered to cancel the PA/SA Direct Recruitment Examination 2013-2014. Accordingly the CPMG Gujarat Circle had issued an order dated 23-12-2015 by which the result of examination for direct recruitment of PA/SA for the year 2013 &2014 have been cancelled and therefore services of all candidates were terminated by the concerned Divisional authorities. Obviously, all other candidates who were waiting for their appointment have also been informed of the above orders.

Aggrieved by said orders and resultant termination from service, they approached Hon. C.A.T. Ahmedabad and a verdict has been delivered by a common order dated 21st March 2016, with reference to cases of terminated employees. Hon. C.A.T. has quashed above said orders of the Director General dated 11.12.15 in so far as the same relates to Gujarat circle and also quashed orders dated 23.12.15 by which services of the employees were terminated by the Sr/Superintendents of different divisions in Gujarat Postal Circle.

The similar verdict has been given by Hon. C.A.T. Ahmedabad in its order dated 30th March 2016 in respect of cases of the candidates whose appointment was held in abeyance and who suffered similar injustice by orders of the Director General dated 11.12.15 and resultant orders of concerned Sr/Superintendents dated 23.12.15.

Hon. C.A.T. has further ordered to keep Select list in abeyance and directed respondent authorities to probe into the matter by thorough investigation in a fair and transparent manner to be undertaken by Vigilance Wing of the department or by any other suitable Investigating Agency within a period of 3 months and unearth the scam. It has also been ordered that: “depending upon the outcome of the probe, the respondents shall take appropriate decision relating to operation of the select list in the light of the decisions of Hon’ble Supreme Court in the case of Inderpreet Singh Kahlon v. State of Punjab (2006) 11 SCC 356 and Joginder Pal & Others (2014) 6 SCC 644. Hon. C.A.T. has clearly mentioned in the said order that it decline to grant the relief of reinstatement into service for the reason that there are specific allegations against 34 specified candidates in the complaint received by the P.G. Cell on 09-04-2014. None of the selected candidates pleads guilty. As such it is difficult to ascertain who are the 34 amongst the selected/appointed. The possibility that all the 34 or some amongst them have been already appointed cannot be overruled. Such tainted, unscrupulous candidates who are responsible for the present crisis deserve to be seriously dealt with in accordance with law. Hence, we hold that the applicants are not entitled for reinstatement into service till such time the respondents complete the exercise ordered hereinabove”.     

Sir, it has become a very clear picture from above verdict that there is a list of 34 tainted candidates and it has to be ascertain as to who are they amongst selected/appointed. An investigation has to be carried out by the Vigilance Wing of the department or by any other suitable Investigation Agency within a period of 3 months to unearth the scam and identify tainted candidates. Future of innocent employees lies upon outcome of the said investigation. They are afraid that the department will till avoid investigation and challenge the decision of Hon. C.A.T. Ahmedabad in Hon. High Court. It will be very difficult, costly and shocking for poor and jobless candidates to deal cases in the higher judiciary forums. We understand that each department has its own policy and strategy to follow the legal advisories. At the same time we humbly pray your honour to consider to accept a verdict for conducting thorough investigation. Sir, your honour will also agree that it is very painful when hundreds of innocent incumbents are thrown away from job by a single stroke of pen only because of few tainted persons. 

Sir, our basic concept of jurisprudence is that the 100 culprits may let go free but no innocent should be punished. Quite contrary to this concept, hundreds of innocents are suffering because of few tainted persons. Therefore we urge your honour to kindly accept verdict of Hon. C.A.T. Ahmedabad and please consider that candidates are coming from poor/middle class families and there will be huge expenditure of lacs of rupees from their pocket if they are compelled to face the case in the higher judiciary forum like HC.

We also urge to consider possibility for conditional reinstatement of these candodates in service as PA/SA even on outsourced basis subject to outcome of the investigation which may be conducted as per direction of Hon. C.A.T. 

At present, DOP is facing problems of acute shortage of staff and slack working of finical in CBS offices and there are many news reports about chaos and agitation by customers. Conditional reinstatement or services at outsourced basis would definitely help in resolution of all problems due to shortage of staff in general and skilled young staffs in particular.

Thus, we repeat to narrate our humble urge with folded hands as under:

To accept verdict of Hon. C.A.T. Ahmedabad and cause investigation to segregate tainted and untainted candidates and impart justice to innocent incumbents.

To avoid challenge decision of Hon. C.A.T. in Hon. High Court considering as to what is wrong in complying with direction for conducting investigation and thereby obliging jobless innocent youth by savings of huge expenditures for facing court cases and payment of fees etc.

To take them on job conditionally, subject to outcome of investigation, or even on outsourced basis by taking any binding in writing from them.

With prayer for kind consideration,

Yours faithfully

Rashmin Purohit
Circle Secretary
All India Postal Employees Union Group 'C'
Gujarat Circle, Ahmedabad 

Shri. Ravishankar Prasad
Hon’ble Minister of Communication & IT
Govt of India, New Delhi 110 001

Copy respectfully forwarded for kind and judicious consideration to:

Ms. Kaveri Banerjee
Secretary, ( Posts) & Chair Person Postal Service board
Dak Bhavan, Sansad Marg, New Delhi

Chief Postmaster General
Gujarat Circle, Ahmedabad 380 001

Government To Recruit 2.2 Lakh Central Govt Employees In Two Years

Central government is set to recruit 2.2 lakh central government employees over a period of two years from March 1, 2015, despite the Centre’s announcements from time to time on a freeze in fresh recruitments.
The central government’s actual staff on March 1, 2015 was 33.05 lakh, which increased to 34.93 lakh in 2016 and is estimated to grow to 35.23 lakh by March 1, 2017, according to the budget estimates for 2016-17.
This includes the railways — which has not added a single worker to its strength of 13,26,437 in the last three years — but excludes the defence forces.
The biggest increase of 70,000 is projected in the revenue department which comprises income tax and customs, central excise and service tax, followed by central paramilitary forces, projected to rise by 47,000. The strength of the home ministry, excluding paramilitary forces, has increased by 6,000.
The cabinet secretariat, a fairly small department assisting the government, will add 301 employees, going up from 900 in 2015 to 1,201 by March 1, 2017. The I&B ministry added nearly 2,200 personnel in the last two years.
The personnel ministry, which manages government staff, added 1,800 jobs in the last two years, the urban development ministry 6,000, mines ministry 4,399 and department of space 1,000.
However, the financial allocation for salaries and allowances for the revenue department has not shown any major difference, for the reason that the department has not been able to recruit personnel due to slow progress in the cadre restructuring exercise.
Some departments have faced downsizing. Interestingly, there has been a cut in the department of rural development, the focus area of the government, where the strength has come down from 538 in 2015 to 472 in 2016-17.
A major reason for the spurt in hiring is that many departments faced acute staff crunch in Group B and C categories due to a moratorium on fresh recruitments for the past several years.
A lot of the new appointments have been in these categories. Vacancies have piled up over the years. More than six lakh posts are vacant in various central government ministries, according to the personnel ministry.
Source : tkbsen