Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Developments in proposed Strike by P4 unions from 10-7-15

Today CPMG called upon us. We met Hon.PMG BD Shri. Ambesh Upmanyu. For GDS to Postman & GDS to Gr.D/MTS exams for vacancy of 2014 the notification is already issued. A copy eas given to us also. For vacancies of 2015 it was promised that the notification will be issued on 7-8-15 I.e. after one month gap. We said that we don't have trust on any promise and there must be every promise in writing and on paper.

We also demanded that all Heads of units must be directed to immediately initiate process within specified time limit for recruitment in all vacant posts as on 30-6-15 of GDS BPM/DA/MC. This was agreed but we demanded written copy of such instructions. It was also agreed that all DH will be asked to engage outsiders from GDS as postman on all vacant posts until recruitment is not made. This instructions will be given. It was also agreed that all DHs will be directed to clear pending Short beat OTA , Cycle allowance bills etc in week. 

We also demanded that the head of circle may use powers for approving outsider postmen by calling nomination from employment exchange.

The Hon.PMG BD said that the matter will be discussed with Hon. CPMG and after his affirmations, all promises will be given in writing. We are asked to meet Hon CPMG tomorrow. 

We will not step back if required actions are not taken on paper and written agreement is arrived at.

Anybody of you may provide suggestions.