Saturday, April 22, 2017

Circle Union takes up with CO to give posting on promotion of LSG APM Accounts to HSG.II at Rajkot & Gondal itself on HSG II posts available after cadre restructuring

Hints from four monthly meeting dated 20-4-17

In four monthly meeting today at CO various points were discussed in very cordial and passionate atmosphere. Details will be given when I would be free here.

The Accountant's exam for this year has been pronounced but result of last year's exam has not been declared so far.  It appeared to us that it was not in presence of mind of admn side! 

It has been assured that pending result of Accountant's exam will be declared in next week without fail.

It was represented by us that most of posts with allowance are identified in LSG viz. SB Counter, Treasurer etc. It was also represented by us that most of posts of Accounts has been upgraded to LSG, now candidates who pass accountant's exam can't be posted as Accountant on these posts because these posts will be LSG! So, posts of Accountants should be left for new qualifiers. 

Approach of our CPMG was absolutely positive and helping. He asked us to give any such suggestions in next 15 days time. He assured to accept all legitimate suggestions.

Honorarium to invigilators etc all staff engaged in outsider Postmen's exam held in 2016 was not sanctioned. Same for this year's exam has been sanctioned. Our CPMG was unaware about non-sanction of honorarium for previous exams. He agreed to sanction shortly and gave instructions to concerned.

Regarding all PO buildings which are in dangerous condition, he asked me to give a division wise list with short details. All DS should provide fresh information to me in personal what's app and email.

We talked about buildings we have seen at Bardoli, Valsad, Mahesana, Bhavnagar, vadodara, Porbandar divisions and kachchh (Madhapar)etc.

Regarding concept of Night PO ( Extended counter hours) we represented that there is a negligible benefit to customers and no justification to carry on unfruitful concept. It was agreed to discontinue it.

We told, we are running item of repair or replacement of unserviceable DG Set of Bardoli since one year+. PMG Vadodara informed, it is already replaced.

We Furthermore represented that in most of POs, Gen Sets worth lacs of ruppes are laying untouched since installation and at most of POs Gen Sets are in worst condition. Administration should first make a survey to know how many are in working condition, reparable, irreparable. CPMG was very considerate and open minded on this issue also. He said we will make survey. He suggested other officers to see feasibility of AMC for Gen Sets.

He asked us to give a list of POs where there is frequency of power supply failure is more. There Gen Sets in working condition can be shifted.

Importantly he said that in POs with frequent power supply failure, solar panel will be supplied in coming year. He asked us to provide list of such POs.

All DS should provide sound feedbacks to Circle union soon.

On our demand CO is also looking for AMC of DG set.

About our representation regarding difficulties on account of provision of accepting GDS recruitment application fee at HOs only, CPMG told that he has studied our email, agreed and sent suggestions to concerned authority at Hyderabad.

Regarding consideration of rule 38 transfer cases, and cases of husband wife stand of CPMG was firm & clear. He stated, all cases will be approved and each one will be physically transferred if there is vacancy in the division applied for. He made it clear that no deputations will be ordered even in husband wife's cases. He promised to transfer such employees very soon.

About continuing one and same persons at administrative offices by deputations or attachments beyond tenure, when we said that except anyone is indispensable, officials should be shifted, the CPMG said that no one is indispensable and almost all must be transferred out on completion of tenure. Any deputations or attachments has to be terminated, CPMG said. He asked AD Staff to put this point in All DH meeting on 25 April and replied to us that all DH will be strictly ordered in our presence.

After reasoned discussion about real achievement of taegets and avoiding fake business, CPMG invited CS AIPE Union Group C to remain specially present in All Divisional Head's meeting on 25th April and deliver a presentation and view points therein.