Monday, November 19, 2012


As per unanimous resolution of the Circle Council Meeting dated 1-2.10.12, an ad-hoc committee was constituted for Ahmedabad City division. The Adhoc committee organised Biennial Divisional Conference on 18.11.12.It was presided over by Com.N.V.Akhani, Supreme Councillor.

There were dramatic and shocking hurdles in conduct of this meeting. At the evening of Friday 16th, The SSPO sent a letter by Email stating that the Ad-hoc Committee cannot hold any meeting as it is not approved by the Circle Office. The Circle Secretary accompanied by Ad-hoc committee members and Asst C/S immediately rushed to Hon.DPS (HQ) and represented that the Resolution dated 1.2-10-12 passed by the Circle Council meeting under relevant constitutional provision was already sent to Circle office on 6.10.12 for necessary action and if at all any approval is to be granted, it should have been granted immediately and now at the last hour of Friday, the SSPO writes to the union that it can not hold any meeting! The DPS neutrally dealt with the issue and immediately instructed the SSPO suitably and then at 18:00 p.m. the SSPO held his previous letter in abeyance and clarified that the union may hold its meeting at any venue convenient to them!

Being relaxed, the Committee started to prepare for arrangement for the biennial conference but again on Saturday 17th, a Notice of Hon. City Civil Court was served upon the Convener of the Adhoc committee and at the venue of the conference it was delivered to the Circle Secretary on 18.11.12 itself. It was ordered by the court that the Resolutions passed by the meeting dated 18.11.12 will be subject to decision of the Court. We will have to file reply on 20.11.12 at 11.00 a.m. For the purpose we had to search an advocate to deal with the case. The case has been filed by Shri.R.C.Waghela against the Circle Secretary as well as the Convener Adhoc committee. It is not appropriate to describe here details of the case. 

Com.Dinesh Solanki, Com.N.D.Patel and Com.Ravi Panikar were elected as Divisional President, Secretary and Finance Secretary by majority of the house.

We greet newly elected body and hope that all divisional leaders will concentrate in resolving problems of staff.