Sunday, October 4, 2015

Further mail to CPMG/PMG regarding undue pressure for opening accounts and individual targets in Rajkot region. We invite and respect motivation but never ready to suffer exploitation

Resp. Sir, 
Namaskar. Attached letter is self explanatory. It is sent by email as well as a hard copy has been handed over.

Kindly take pain to acknowledge and interim reply as per rule & custom.

I further inform that some divisional heads are refusing almost all leave applications and asking officials to open given number of accounts as a preconditions for grant of leave. The officials are opening accounts @Rs.10/- in his/her own name and conveys account numbers through postmasters to divisional heads and then only leave is being sanctioned. This is against instructions of RBI and finance ministry also. Accounts of single depositors of an amount are decided into trivial amounts to shaw many accounts. Pl instruct all ssp/sp to avoid such irregular practice.

Moreover force of opening accounts as a preconditions for grant of leave is tyrannical exaggeration and intolerable exploitation of employees. I have got copies of such mails and notices etc. 

Staff side registers strong protest against such approach by divisional heads who are used to magnify and horrify instructions of regional PMG and ultimately exploit staff. Under fear of leave injustice, action, transfer, vindictive treatment the staff doesn't raise voice as an individual. 

I request for issue of immediate instructions to all heads of dns of Rajkot region in particular.

With regards 

Yours sincerely

Rashmin Purohit