Thursday, July 31, 2014

SP Porbandar requires medical check up for psychological imbalance.

(Copy of Emails)

Rajkot.         DT. 30-7-14


I thank you for Email with instructions to SP Porbandar for conducting informal meeting on 30:07:14. I had informed him 2 days in advance. On 30/7 also I informed him at 10:30 through his PA (!) about my visit. Though I urged, he was not ready to at least take my telephone. The PA replied that SP saheb says that if any problem, CS may meet PMG..!! I requested to give phone for talking with me but he refused. He was already available at his office till 3:00pm but did not become ready to see me. Circle President was also accompanying with me. When your email was received I informed his PA because SP does not take any phones. We have to talk only with PA. SP and PA both were present at DO but instead of meeting us, he submitted a reply to RO and uttered humiliating words about union as well as PMG and said that vo mera bal bhi banks nahi kar shakte. PMG ko bhi Jo karna ho meeting nahi dunga air nahi j dunga..!! He asked PA to give reply to PMG that due to RPLI mela he cannot meet. In fact he was at his office only and reply to email was given in his presence. He deliberately avoided to meet us only to convey to staff a message that he does not consider any importance of CS or PMG. Nobody can say anything to him. Then again one more email was received and PA informed him but he returned to quarter. The PA came to quarter to hand over print of email but the SP said that PA should not say to anyone that SP is available. He went to check letter boxes of whole Porbandar city just to escape from granting meeting. He came to quarter at about 9 pm. We were waiting for him expecting good response and truly an invitation for dinner together. But he called for police by calling on telephone no. 100. The police came and was convinced that we union representatives were waiting for him. Sir, PM Porbandar was sitting in ground with us. Main office was already locked. ASP was also sitting with us. His most beloved PA was also sitting there. How it is justified to call police complaining that unknown people has entered PO and there is risk of big amounts!! This is beyond imagination. His attitude shows that he is psychologically imbalanced person and needs transfer to a safe place. It is urgently required that his PA may also be shifted at once. He has placed unhealthy demands to lady employees as per complaints by them. A memorandum is already submitted and written complaint of a lady PA will also be sent tomorrow. Kindly consider that now there is no alternate. We will meet you on Friday. Pl spare time.

With regards

Yours faithfully

Rashmin Purohit 

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Sent:Wed, 30 Jul 2014 17:03:46 +0530
Subject: Fwd: Conducting of informal meeting with Circle Secretary NFPE Union.

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> Date: Wed, Jul 30, 2014 at 4:59 PM
>Subject: Conducting of informal meeting with Circle Secretary NFPE Union.
> To,
> The Supdt.of Post Offices,                                      eMail
> Porbandar Division,
> Porbandar-360575
> No:  Union-9/1/2013                                             Dated at Rajkot the 30-7-2014
> Sub :-          Conducting of informal meeting with Circle Secretary NFPE Union.
> -,-,-
>                 I am directed to intimate you to conduct informal meeting with Shri
> R.D.Purohit, Circle Secretary NFPE Union today at 17.30 hours
> positively and report compliance.
>                                                                Asstt.Director Postal Services(S&V)
>                                                                For Postmaster General,
>                                                                Rajkot Region, Rajkot – 360001
> Copy to :-
> 1.              Shri R.D.Purohit, Circle Secretary NFPE Union, At : PSD Ahmedabad


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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Problems of Porbandar division... Circle union concentrating upon.


There has been so many complaints from staff and leaders of Porbandar division regarding disrespectful and harsh approach by local administration. Now it appears to us that limits are crossed by the administration side. We cannot be a silent spectators in front of series of injustice, victimization and insults of our staff.

It has been tradition of our union to maintain harmonious relations with administration and vo operate for better public services and business developments but on the other hand we cannot allow victimization of our staff.

Circle President and Circle Secretary will visit Porbandar on 30th July, meet SP , hold staff meeting and decide further course of trade union action.

We hope that the issues may be settled without any confrontations.

Holding of Divisional Working Committee Meetings etc

Dear Comrades,
All DS must read and follow Constitution of our union and follow it meticulously.

All are requested to ensure that Divisional working committee meets at the stretch of every three months period to discuss on various important issues and problems of staff.

It is also required to call Circle Secretary in each such meeting, as per earlier instructions. Comrades, we have to organize us perfectly.

Next Circle Council Meeting is likely to meet on 31st August'14 at Rajkot particularly on the issue of arrangements in connection with the Diamond Jubilee Celebration of NFPE to be held at Jamnagr in the last week of November in which Central working committees of all NFPE unions will be held besides glorious program. Round about 500 delegates will attend. we will discuss this matter in next meeting.

Please also keep ready the following to bring in the next CWC ewithout fail:

Minutes of monthly meetings of last two years.
Minute books of divisional conference
Minute books of div council meetings
Letters written to administration and replies.
Details of items sent to circle union
Details of quota sent to higher ups from 2010-11 onwards.
Cheque book of account in which union subscriptions are deposited.

Glimpses of Divisional Conference of Banaskantha Division at Palanpur on 27th July 2014

Friday, July 25, 2014


July 22, 2014
Going Postal
Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan had a word of advice for Telecom Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad. Taking note of the number of questions that MPs had for the Minister, especially about postal services and post offices, she told the Minister, “A lot of people want to raise questions on the issues. You should pay more attention to the postal department.”The Minister on his part announced that the government had decided to open 80 Gramin Dak Sewa Post Offices and 80 sub post offices in the country under Rural Business and Access to Postal Network scheme.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

eIPO (Electronic Indian Postal Order); Easy way to remit RTI fee
eIPO (Electronic Indian Postal Order) is a facility introduced by India Post to purchase Indian Postal Order electronically by paying a fee on-line through e-Post Office Portal  Department of Posts, Ministry of Communications & IT in association with Department of Personnel and Training had launched the Electronic Indian Postal Order (eIPO) on 22nd March, 2013 for Indian Citizens living abroad across the globe to facilitate them for paying online fee for seeking information under the RTI Act, 2005.

On the basis of proposal forwarded by Department of Personnel & Training (DOPT) for extending the above facility to Indian citizens living in India, Department of Posts has decided to extend this facility to Indian citizens living in India.  The applicant needs to register at e-Post Office portal of India Post to create his/her profile for the first time.

Both Debit and Credit cards of any Bank powered by Visa/Master can be used for this purpose. All the requirements for filing an RTI application as well as other provisions regarding eligibility, time limit, exemptions, etc. as provided in the RTI Act, 2005 will continue to apply

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Some excerpts from Union Budget 2014-15 related to POST OFFICE

Kissan Vikas Patra

Kissan Vikas Patra (KVP) was a very popular instrument among small savers. I plan to reintroduce the instrument to encourage people, who may have banked and unbanked savings to invest in this instrument. 

Small Savings
To address the concerns of decline in savings rate and improving returns for small savers, I propose to revitalize small savings.

My Government attaches utmost importance to the welfare of Girl Child. A special small savings instrument to cater to the requirements of educating and marriage of the Girl Child will be introduced. A National Savings Certificate with insurance cover will also be launched to provide additional benefits for the small saver.

In the PPF Scheme, annual ceiling will be enhanced to Rs 1.5 lakh p.a. From Rs 1 lakh at present.