Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Extension of one month in last dates for submission of letters of authorisation to Heads of divisions.

It is heard that the date for submission of letters of authorisation has been extended for one month. Earlier it was 6-7-15.

So far AIPEU Gr. C, Gujarat circle is concerned, most of our units have completed the campaign and 95% of existing member's forms has been obtained. About 100% new entrants have joined our union.

If any division is lagging behind, the divisional secretary must fasten up the efforts and complete the task within week though extension has been granted.

Friends, New comers,
It is only a power of unity that can safeguard your rights and ensure justice & fair approach. AIPE Union Group'C' is a mighty organization with great heritage & history of so many successful struggles by which we could achieve several benefits. Few inexperienced or junior people believe that union is meant for mediating in transfer or minor local & individual requirements. This is not correct. Strong Union is the only option for us for redressing our common demands and genuine general problems. We have always worked dedicatedly for welfare of postal employees. We take care for better service conditions, adequate & sound pay structure, justice & equality in approach, problems in application of various softwares/hardwares, adequate staff, maintenance of postal buildings & colonies, various allowances and incentives and so many issues touching one or other from.amongst us in daily routine service. We are having zero percentage tolerance against corruption and misuse of administrative powers. We are biggest union with approx 75% membership. We are one. We never get afraid of any 'power' and surrender. We have no cast or religion but we have only one identity -'postal employee' and one religion 'welfare of postal employees'. Friends, we are not 'tool' of any political party. We don't go for mere photo session with political leaders. We salute our union leaders. Our work speaks. Our struggle speaks.

If at any divisional level some internal problems are there or the divisional leaders are slack, contact circle union. We assure for pure, Perfact and powerful performance.

We have been saying repeatedly during last some time, " positive people should unite under one umbrella" NFPE and strengthen voice of real strugglers.