Friday, February 27, 2015

successful Dharna of regional level at Rajkot on 27-2-15

Congratulations to All NFPE FNPO Team of Rajkot and leaders of all wings and all divisions of Rajkot region for organising Dharna program successfully as per decision of Postal JCA. We wish all success in further programs including Indefinite strike from 6-5-15.

Due to Swine Flue threat, Dist. Magistrates at Vadodara and Ahmedabad has issued notifications to apply Section.144 and put ban on any gathering, meetings, processions etc and as such  police authorities could not permit any program at Vadodara. It is obvious that at Ahmedabad also we may not perhaps get permission for any program on 2-3-15 at Circle office. However all CS of PJCA will attend at 11:00 am at C.O. and will handover a memorandum to the department through circle administration.

All are requested to attend March to Parliament by C.G. employees on 28-4-15 and book travel tickets well in advance.

Rashmin Purohit Convener, PJCA
Gujarat Circle & C.S.
AIPE Union Group 'C'