Tuesday, April 16, 2013

ON 10-13 MARCH 2012


Some instructions are issued for attention of all divisions:

1. As above, General Secretary will attend Circle Council meetings all Circles as a part of streamlining the functioning of Circle Unions. I have also a telephonic talk to welcome this concept. So, our next Circle Council will be attended by Com.M.Krishnan. This will be very useful for all of us. We will get guidance on various aspects.

2. All Divisional Secretaries are requested to 
keep following details/papers ready:

- Date of last Divisional Conference, minute books and a list of elected office bearers.

-Dates of Divisional Executive Committee meetings held during last two years and it's agenda/minute books.

-Accounts of last three years i.e. 2010-11, 2011-12 and 2012-13 presented before house of Divisional conference.

-details of number of members in above periods and list of accounts branch showing deduction of subscription   from pay of members of our union as on 31.03.13. 

-Details of quota remitted to Circle, CHQ and Federation and all receipts thereof.(last 3 years)

-all letters written to Divisional administration during last two years and replies received.

-minutes of monthly meetings for last two years including the last one or agenda given for the current month. 

-letters written to Circle union in last two years.

-problems of divisions which are yet not taken up with divisional administration or not communicated to Circle union. (this should be sent immediately by email to CS)

3. It may be noted that Circle Secretary will also attend Divisional Executive Committee meetings. I am very sad to point out openly that few divisions previously fixed dates of their divisional conference without consultation and booking dates of Circle Secretary or any other nominated Circle representative in case of other inevitable engagements. No divisions are permitted to call for their divisional conference without knowledge and prior confirmation with the Circle Secretary.

4. Please refer to the Constitution of our union for management of divisional union. Section 44 provides :      (a) " The Branch/Divisional Conference shall meet every two years but not later than 27 months.

(b) " The working committee shall meet at least once in every three months and ordinarily as often as deemed necessary.

Then, Section 12(i) provides: "The Branch, Divisional, Circle conferences shall be held once in two years but in any case shall not exceed beyond three months on the completion of 24 months period. The Circle union shall constitute an adhoc committed immediately on failure of any branch/divisional union to hold the branch/divisional conference within the above time frame as the whole team of office bearers of such defaulting branch/divisional unions cease to hold their offices on completion of the 27 months time."

I hope that all Divisional Secretaries are able to understand importance of compliance to our own constitution.



5. Quota is outstanding for whole previous year from few divisions. Some divisions are in habit of sending lump sum small amounts. This is quite irregular and in violation of Section 39 of our constitution.

All divisions are directed to remit their outstanding quota to higher ups immediately before completion of current month failing which, Circle representatives will visit your division for the purpose of collection of outstanding quota. If divisions are yet slack in the matter of timely and proper remittance of quota to higher ups, we will have to take action to seek amount of quota directly from DDOs but this would not appear good. Comrades, it is very difficult to run big organisation properly without due financial support. 

6. All divisional secretaries must send agenda for monthly meetings on paper (in writing) with a copy to Circle union. This is very important and compulsory. Please also keep writing letters on various issues with a copy to Circle Union. Please be in touch through email: rashminpurohit@rediffmail.com 

7. Comrades, we want to improve our work. For that we have to introspect and be ready for some change, something new and innovative, dealing bravely and cleverly with challenges, clear in our policy.

We cannot make any progress if we do not ready to review, introspect and accept Change. 

Your suggestions are always invited. Please co operate and be like ONE. We want to run our divisions and circle in a uniform system. No one will   now stay behind and keep slow-moving.

8. I was unable to update on this blog after coming back from AIC because of constant tour for union and personal purpose. In the meantime, many comrades reminded me on cellphone that they are waiting some posts on our blog. They pressed me to update every day. I am thankful to all these comrades for making me also running and working for the cause of postal employees. Comrades, we are like one family.By ultimate unity we can do the difference.

Comradely-Lovingly ever yours

rashmin purohit
circle secretary 

India Post, TCS to sign Rs 1,400 cr IT deal on Monday

PTI Apr 14, 2013, 02.18PM IST
(TCS has bagged the Rs 1,400-crore…)
NEW DELHI: IT major TCS has bagged the Rs 1,400-crore project of India Post for computerising counter operations and the two parties will sign a pact on Monday, a top government official has said.
The project is divided into two parts --two years for implementation and five years of maintenance.


An effective and impressive team of Gujarat Circle attended 29th All India Conference of AIPE Union Group 'C' at Thiruvananthpuram on 10 to 13 March 2013. 

Most of the divisions attended the conference. So many young and fresh comrades visited such an All India event for the first time. They also set calmly in delegate sessions and took advantage of lectures of senior leaders.

CHQ leaders also took a special note of presence of young, agile and elegant team from our circle. 

Circle Secretary also effectively addressed the house from the dais which acquired appreciation and massive clapping of hands by the whole house. 

It was expected that there we will get a place in the All India Executive Committee but for some inevitable  reasons, it was not done. The CHQ leaders were also keen to place us in the All India team but in the end they explained circumstances and assured our inclusion very shortly on retirement of some comrade. We had clearly communicated afterwards, that Gujarat would be demoralized if some circle gets three office bearers in the All India team and Gujarat is not at all getting place. Anyway, we should now look forward to our own task in the Circle.

I hope that all delegates who attended the All India Conference got inspiration and useful feedback.

Few comrades went on tour ignoring our instructions given well in advance. We will discuss such issues in our next Circle Council Meeting. The next Circle Council meeting will be held tentatively in  the last week of June or First week of July. If any division is willing to host Circle Council, it may be intimated well in advance.