Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Let's Complete membership enrollment campaign immediately.

Dear Comrades

The fresh verification of membership is going on. We are confident that our Divisional & Branch Secretaries would have a lead start in collecting the forms signed by the members. 

Take up the challenge and complete the process very soon by utilizing your time & teamwork in a most productive manner. Conducting intensive and extensive membership campaign and close connection with young gays/new entrants will enhance our chances of increasing the percentage of membership. Our senior comrades are aware about glory and history of our Union and they know that there is no other considerable force against anti worker policies, atrocities & exploitation of postal employees. They should inform young & junior employees about it.  

Strictly avoid denial of membership to any one as per the decision of Federal Secretariat as it would be viewed seriously by the respective CHQ.

            NFPE was bifurcated from the NFPTE and it has got richest heritage of Trade Union Movement. We inherit the glory and tradition of Babu Tarapada  Mukherjee, the Father of P&T  trade union movement who thundered that “Workers are not baggers”. We inherit the militancy of UPTW that shook the morale of  foreign rulers and autocratic administration.

This is the NFPE/NFPTE who conducted so many glorious struggles and strikes.

Indefinite  strike of 1960, 

One day strike  of 19th September, 1968,

other  historic Indefinite  strikes of 1993, 1997, 1998 and 2000. 

About 15 One Day strikes from 1992 to 2014 and achieved so many demands.

No organization can stake such type of claim. NFPE is the only organization which is consistently fighting against the Neo Liberal Economic Policies of Government of India. 

It is because of NFPE that we could stop the closure of 9797 Post Offices and RMS Offices. 

Now the danger in form of Recommendations of Task Force Committee headed by Shri TSR Subrianmaian is before us who has recommended division of Postal Department in 6 Companies. Out of which only one Company of Mail & Delivery will be Govt. Company and others will work as Corporations. 

Besides this, so many issues are pending before Government to settle. If we have to achieve all the pending demands and have to resist the attacks and dangers, we have to strengthen NFPE by increasing the membership. 

Tell the employees that NFPE is only non-affiliated Federation. All other Federations are affiliated to Political Trade Union Centres. Some people are merely publishing their photographs with this or that political leaders. Do you consider them as real unionist? Where the movements for fighting against anti worker  policies will reach by catching fingers of political parties and particularly ruling parties!  We know such unions never got support of postal employees. They had 3% to 16% memberships only. We are natural choice of rest of the employees. We understand our responsibilities very well.

The situation  cannot be changed without the NFPE emerging  not only as the first  union in all  cadres  and categories but  also emerging  as the strongest organization of  each and  every  cadre in the ongoing  fresh verification.

We are a very big organisation. So, there may be some local adversities at some exceptional corners or with some individuals but all staff members should consider above facts and in view of the larger interest for welfare of postal employees, strengthen NFPE unions in all wings.