Monday, April 6, 2015

copy of letter given to PMG Rajkot on 1-4-15 in the bimonthly meeting

[Affiliated with the National Federation of Postal Employees]
Rashmin Purohit
Circle Secretary
Postal Store Depot, Shahibag railway crossing, Ahmedabad 380 004
M.9427208408 Email: Web : http//

No.P3/Bimonthly/Rajkot/2015                                                                                              Dated: April 1st,2015

The Postmaster General
Rajkot  region, Rajkot 360 001

Reiteration and depiction of same and similar problems & hitches exactly on Anniversary of last bimonthly meeting at R.O.Rajkot (dated 31.-3.2014)

Respected sir,
Namaskar. First of all, staff side conveys heartiest welcome new DPS Rajkot in the region.  After a very long spell of time there will be a meeting in presence of a regional Director at Rajkot. At this juncture we also express our reassurance for extending co operation which we had been extending so far in various area of upgrading quality of services and revenue generation.

Staff side is very clear and guileless about expressing absolute disappointment and objection against total inattention and casual approach by regional administration towards recognized unions and inaction on various memorandums, representations and items of meetings. It can be a reasonable cause for launching agitation when the administration does not grant prescribed bimonthly meeting in a spell of 12 months despite so many letters and even instructions by Head of the Circle.  Please see that how much time (in months) is taken in issuing minutes of the meeting granted annually instead of bimonthly!

 Moreover, a memorandum was given on 31.03.14 at the time of previous bimonthly meeting. Staff side had often by letters, emails and by oral discussion with concerned ADs  urged for follow up action and informing progress to staff side. The administration is totally silent, inactive and insensitive as no reply, response or action has been taken.

A memorandum was also given on 6.11.13 at Junagadh at the time of visit of PMG there but similar cool approach and no action has been taken.

A memorandum was also given 4.3.13 at Rajkot but it was also of no importance for the administration.

A memorandum was submitted, about very crucial issues at Porbandar, on 30.7.14 and a letter dated 19.9.14 was also given by visiting personally at Rajkot but there is no progress report, no action and cool silence!

Sir, I respectfully say and submit that staff of all cadres of entire Rajkot region works very sincerely and arduously and dedicates their extra time, energy and everything for a good show of the region comparing to other regions also. They suffer insults and inconveniences too. The staff side is very much upset because of non response to union items and memorandums and also due to sloppiness of the administration side in resolving their minor issues also.

As such we just reiterate our demand for convening union meetings as per time schedule, sending acknowledgement of letters, apprising of progress on items and feasible remedial action without avoidable delay.

We enclose copies of all above stated memorandums for ready reference because we truly afraid of fact whether they may be not even be traceable on records or R.O.
We have few more issues to convey but if the similar approach is given to unions and their items, then there is no meaning of listing out items. As such if the administration is interested in knowing troubles and representations of staff side and in working out remedial action, then only we may submit such list. Otherwise the entire process will become a futile exercise and mockery of consultative mechanism between employees and administration.
We understand it is hard to enter in conversation on biting facts and realities but if we don’t express our feelings at right platform and before a right authority it will be disloyalty on our part to our members who look ahead and nominate us to represent their various concerns.
Kindly stand with us, we will stand with you sir. This is first time we have to convey under feelings of stress and hope for sensible approach to unions and their representations.
With regards,

Yours sincerely

Rashmin Purohit G.U.Mahida S.T.Teraiya
CS P.3 CS P4 Org.Sec.P4 CHQ NDelhi

List of items and issues:

I wish you to represent some problems of Bhavnagar division at bimonthly meeting with Pmg. There is too much staff shortage in Bhavnagar Dn, newly recruited employees should be posted as early as possible.
Buildings of some post offices are in very bad conditions. Employees are working under the threat of death. Offices like SIHOR, ANANDNAGAR, KUMBHARWADA, CHITRA, RATANPURBHAL.
Departmental softwares are being upgraded but hardwares are not. Kindly provide highly efficient peripherals like computer and passbook printers. And also condemn old peripherals which are being used above its life limits.
Willingness for DCTC/WCTC trainer in Rajkot region were called from eligible candidates but no further action in this regards have been taken.
There was dammer road and street lights in Postal colony, Gondal road, Rajkot but at present there is only rough road and no street lights. Remedial action is necessary.
Two lifts in HPO building are not working since years. It is required to take up the issue at higher levels.
Divisional office has got their sanctioned strength. On one or other plea staff from operative offices are deputed to divisional offices in addition to sanctioned strength. There are several branches in DO which can be combined for a small spell of times. When the operative offices faces acute and unmanageable shortage of staff, Head of the divisions may be asked strictly not to attach additional staff. More over the policy of rotational transfers are tactically bypassed by several divisional heads. No one can be indispensable in this era. Officials completing tenure are transferred to offices in the same building and deputed to divisional offices on the same day. Such transfers only on paper is absolutely against policy of rotation. More over if any staff want extension of tenure, the SP is not empowered and the regional PMG grants permission for extension of tenure for 6 months only but the divisional heads are extending not only six months, they extends full tenure without consulting regional  head also by issuing orders of deputation of same officials in the divisional offices. It is required that all DH may be asked to review particulars of all officials working at present at Divisional offices and list out all those officials who are working since 8 or more years by only break of tenure on papers. All such officials should be shifted to operative offices. Willing and efficient officials should get chance to perform and become masters for future. All officials taken on deputations should be returned back to their parent offices. No official should be continued in the divisional offices beyond tenure and should not be taken back under plea of deputation. We have 75% membership in PA cadre. Most of staff are our own members, we have no personal bias but we have very bitter experiences from all Mr. Indespensibles. There were items at circle level also and instructions were also issued but the divisional heads need repeatation of instruction at intervals. Kindly issue instruction very clearly in this matter. Similarly there is no justification of attaching staff of operative offices in other administrative offices like R.O. also. All officials should be returned to their parent offices. Similarly officers of other cadres are also kept for decades in the same divisions and posted in the own divisions. They creates problems by exploiting personal relations and bias. There are very painful experiences in several divisions and represented by us. Discussion on this point will be made separately.