Saturday, October 15, 2011


Recently we were informed that in Gandhinagar division in last month, the SSPO had withheld pay of 200 GDS and paid on 11th. This month pay of 117 GDS have been withheld and not paid till 12.10.11. This was on account of poor RPLI work!

The SSPOs issued Charge sheet to 60 GDS employees at a time for not attending RPLI mela and likely to take disciplinary action. He has put off duty three GDS in short time. He says in meeting at SOs that you go to your union leaders and they can not save you from action. Let them go any where. I will take action. Thus he pointlessly involves union. This shows his mindset.

He is not at all sanctioning GEB MIS Speed post etc incentive bills. The SSPO also issued a major charge sheet on 26.09.11 to one PA SBCO on trivial matters even when the official was due for retirement on superannuation in next four days. This is extreme level of harshness. We are thankful to Circle administration for intervention in such case and dropping of such Charge sheet.

The SSPO is used to address employees in singular and curt language.

The SSPO also do not permit any staff member to meet him and when all Circle Secretaries desired to meet him for discussion on problems and amicable solutions, he had no time! All C/S had to prepare a detailed Memorandum which was submitted to Circle Office, Ahmedabad on 13.10.11.

Our intention is to convey a clear message that there are many positive ways and means to encourage staff for better performance and gearing up achievement of targets fixed by higher officers but suppression, humiliation and threaten for disciplinary action on small matters will demoralize staff and reduce their efficiency and enthusiasm.



Are the India Post is really doing Business? Will there be any profit and loss accounts to analyze the business activities? Whether so called marketing activities really reveal the skills of marketing? This is a Thousand Million Doller Question.

The trust of general public with post offices is now being used for sale of promotion of M/s RML Gold Coins. Without any efforts, the RML is having 75% of the profit of sale of Gold coin at PO. If the Department would have imported the same from World Gold Council and marketing it through post offices, it will be the real business.


Some Superintendent of Post Offices in Gujarat Circle forced on the back door to all employees including GDS employees to give a declaration of willingness to purchase one gram gold coin and to deduct it’s cost from the amount of Bonus payable to them! One division could sale 800 coins of 1 gram. We have nothing to say if any employee desires to purchase gold coins from PO but it is obvious that SPOs are using their position to do the business within our employees. When they obtain willingness/declarations from employees, we can not say that there was any force! How claver are they!

Most of the Superintendents are forcing to open accounts by hook or crook and stops pay of the poor GDS employees. They force for opening accounts of even denomination of Rs.10/- in the name of family members of GDS. Then pay is released! Similarly for RPLI policies, so many BPMs have to take policy of their own family members to show the work.

We really believe that all SPMs / BPMs and every one employed in the department must work hard for procuring business and no deliberate negligence can be tolerated but it has become a practice to force business by sale of products to employees themselves. This is not a fair picture. This is not a real business. This is exploitation of employees who fears to raise voice because they are worried of bias action against them.

We request administration to come on earth and not fix unrealistic targets. In Maharashtra Circle, unrealistic targets have been fixed for sale of the books on yoga published by Baba Ram Dev at the cost of Rs.250/- per book. Is it our duty? One Calendar called as ‘ Mahalaxmi Dindarsika’ is being marketed across counter and targets fixed to staff for the cost of Rs.18 whereas the same is available for Rs.15/- in open market.

Mahalaxmi Lottary tickets are being marketed in Punjab Circle!

Railway department allotted 3000 sq ft portion to India Post for their activities in Munmad R.S. in Maharashtra Circle in which the department is utilizing for the Patanjali Herbal Products of Baba Ramdev! Herbal products and medicines are marketed in PO. Whether are we having any license to sale medicines in Pos? If any mishap happens who will be held responsible?

Chhotukul, the small refrigerator of Godrage Company is marketed by the Post Office for the Price of Rs.3490/- but it is available in the market for the MRP of Rs.3250/-. In Maharashtra Circle, all GDS aand Departmental employee are being compelled to purchase chhotukul due to unrealistic targets fixed for its sale. The SSPO Orangabad division provided pay recovery of GDS in case of loans obtained from Postal Co operative society for purchase of Chhotukul!

WE ARE FULLY IN FAVOUR OF DEVELOPING OUR OWN BUSINESS. Let us have more and more targets for expanding our PLI RPLI services. Let us tie up with business of marketing activities with State Govt. Public sector and Central Govt. Organisations. Let us do all the business pertaining to collection of Taxes, Electricity Bills, Water bills etc across the counter. There is no need for fixing any unrealistic targets other than out own products. Let us do the Census work, UDAI work, NREGIS and all other socially committed jobs with the existing staff. Let us strengthen our SB and proposed Post Bank. Above all, we shall concentrate our prime work of collection, transmission and delivery of mails in effective manner by taking the staff side into confidence and at the time of making changes and defeat the real challenge now posed before Postal Department.

Strengthening of Vigilance set-up in Ministries/Departments

Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions
Department of Personnel & Training

New Delhi the 26th September, 2011.
Subject: Strengthening of Vigilance set-up in Ministries/Departments.

The Government had constituted a Group of Ministers (GoM), on 6th January, 2011 with the approval of the Prime Minister to consider measures that can be taken by the Government to tackle corruption. One of the terms of reference (ToR) of the GoM was to consider and advise on ‘Fast tracking of all cases of public servants accused of corruption “. The GoM, while considering this (ToR) also considered certain important recommendations of the Hota Committee (Committee of Experts to review the procedure of Disciplinary/Vigilance Inquiries and recommended measures for their expeditious disposal) has made a recommendation that vigilance administration of the Central Ministries/Departments may be strengthened.

This recommendation of the GoM has been accepted by the Government. Accordingly, and all Ministries/Departments are advised to strengthen their vigilance administration with requisite manpower with a view to ensuring expeditious disposal of disciplinary cases. The Ministries/Departments may, where appropriate, consider setting up of a monitoring cell to review and monitor the progress of all pending Disciplinary Inquiries on a day-to-day basis, with a view to ensuring their timely conclusion.

Deputy Secretary to the Government of India