Monday, April 24, 2017

CS will put view points about procurement of business

A warmhearted and affirmative approach of Hon.CPMG Gujarat circle.. In a big event, in sequence with senior officers of department, I have been specially invited to present our view points on procurement of business.

After Mangrol (Porbandar), now Anandnagar PO building (Bhavnagar) also collapsed

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Fw: collapse of a wall and a balcony as anand nagar po

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Mon, 24 Apr 2017 12:18:26 GMT+0530
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Respected Sir,
Namaskar. I forward herewith mail received from our Bhavnagar unit which show that a wall & balcony of Bhavnagar Anandnagar PO has collapsed. 

Staff side had already taken up item regarding such buildings including this one recently as well as in past and it was discussed during four monthly meeting also that we can't wait till any casualty occur. 

I attach photographs of collapsed portion and other portion which is likely to collapse at any moment.  Staff is feelings unsafeness and danger to sit any furthermore time in such building.

We urge shifting of staff at another building, nearby office or at HO till remedial action is taken.

Urging immediate action

Yours Sincerely

Rashmin Purohit
CS AIPE Union Group C

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Subject: collapse of a wall and a balcony as anand nagar po


in connection with the above subject i wish your immidiate attention. bhavnagar anandnagar is having very poor building since long. the post master and staff side ha often informed your office regarding shifting of this office. today balcony and a wall of anandnagar po has collapsed. though there isnt any casualty but it has become the most dangerous to work in such office. there should be immidiate shifting of this office. who will be responsible for any los sir ?? you have been so kind in solving all the issues of staff side we as a union request you to shift the office immidiately. we will be there with you to shift the office anytime as a teem. hoping for a response.

Karansinh A Chudasama
All India Postal Employees Union
Bhavnagar Division

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