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At this initial juncture, there are so many problems which are required to take up with the Directorate, on creation of Post master's Cadre. Our CHQ has therefore sought modifications in the interest of staff and service.
Some important aspects requires immediate kind attention of the Directorate are as under:
  1. At present more than 60% of LSG posts, 70% of HSG II posts and HSG posts in all circles remain unfilled up. As suh seeking options from the existing LSG for Postmaster's cadre will end with futile results. To off shoot the problems, the following is suggested.

(i)Please cause instructions to fill up all vacant LSG,HSG II and HSG I posts either permanently or on adhoc basis and thereafter willingness may be called for among the LSG, HSG II and HSG I officials.

(ii)In case if the same is not possible due to recruitment rules, minimum service etc, the officials in MACP I, II & III may be considered in the initial constitution of the Postmaster cadre.

(iii)It may be ensured that at the initial constitution of Postmaster's cadre, 100% of posts should be filled up among the existing willing officials either on seniorityin LSG or MACP or length of PA service. Thereafter, the element of exmination may be introduced.

2. All LSG officials working Accounts line may be permitted to opt for Postmaster's cadre since they are entitled to work as Postmaster in HSG II & HSG I as per the existing recruitment rules.

3. In the initial constitution of various grades of Postmaster while obtaiing option from the exixting official, the required minimum service should not be insisted since in many cases the promotions to HSG II & HSG I were not accorded in time properly. To cite an example, the adhoc HSG I is continuing over three years by granting extension once in six months.

4. Similarly, 25% earmarked for HSG I in Postmaster Group B shall be filled up with the exixting HSG I officials without insisting the minimum required service in the initial coustitution of the cadre.

5. It is further requested to cause instructions that the opted official shall be given preference in posting in the same division in case of identified posts are available in the diision to avert maximum dislocation in the initial constitution.

Apart from the above, the following improvements may please be considered:

(i) Since the Postmaster Grade I is supervisory post, it should be elevated to Pay Band II with Grade Pay of Rs.4200/-. Similar elevation is required in higher cadre also.

(ii) Since a seperate cadre is carved out, 100% of the Senior Postmasters, and Chief Postmasters posts shall also be filled up only among officials in the Postmaster's cadre only. There is no need for any reservation to other catagories other than the Postmaster's cadre.

It has been requested to arrange a meeting with Staff side to discuss all the points stated above in order to ensure smooth implementation of the scheme, minimize dislocation of staff and more volunteers to the nely carved cadre etc.

Unless the above issues are sorted out at the initial constitution, it will have a perennial loss to the employees which will result in resentment only.

All Divisional Secretaries, senior comrads and members are requested to draw attention of the Circle Secretarty on any point which they find necessary to take up in connection with Postmaster's cadre and Identification of Posts for the purpose. I have also requested Senior Com. K.B.Barot Working President CHQ & Ex.C/S Gujarat to study these orders and give his valuable guidance and suggestions in the matter.

Post your comments also.

Rashmin Purohit C/S AIPEU Group-C Gujarat Circle.

M.9427208408, 9723666696

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