Saturday, May 21, 2011


Dear Comrades
You are well aware about the agitation programs to be conducted at every division level also. A circle JCA has been formed and a meeting of all Circle Secretaries of NFPE, FNPO and GDS unions was held at Ahmedabad on 16.05.11 for deciding further line of joint action. An elaborate circular in Gujarati language issued by JCA of Gujarat Circle, signed by most of the Circle Secretaries, has been sent to all Divisional Secretaries. It contains clear directives as well as explanation of charter of demand and reasons for launching agitation. Same description must be circulated to each member of every union to make them conscious about need for rising up and stick together in struggle for settlement of justified demands.

Your first significant responsibility is to organize mass Dharna on 25.05.2011 in front of Divisional Office. For Dharna, at least Executive members of Divisional level of all unions must remain present throughout the day. Other staff may remain present before their duty starts, in the recess and after duty hours. In the evening, you may convene a meeting and prepare members for further agitation programs ending in to Indefinite Strike from 5th July, 2011. You may circulate copies of JCA Circular in this meeting too. A notice board may also be displayed in which Charter of Demands may be shown. A model notice board is given in the website of CHQP3.

Remember, there should be no excuse from any divisional Secretary. No division should ignore directives of Central JCA. Reports from all divisions about conduct of mass Dharna must go to the Government. It will strengthen voice of our leaders. This is very important. All divisional Secretaries should send photographs of Dharna program to Circle union immediately. It will be displayed on this blog. In case of any difficulty, Circle Secretary may be contacted.

Remember, Com.K.V.Shridharan G/S AIPEU Gr.C and Shri.D.Kishanrao G/S NAPE Gr.C are in-charge of Gujarat Circle. Our performance must be better then ever.

With good wishes,

RASHMIN PUROHIT Circle Secretary AIPE Union Group ‘C’ Gujarat Circle
94272 08408, 97236 66696, 84699 99853

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