Thursday, September 19, 2013

Dear Comrades,
It is not fair to need to remind each division for all the time for clearance of Quota to higher ups.

I have received repeated request from Com.R.N.Parashar that Quota is not received regularly by NFPE from divisions of Gujarat Circle. This is not worthy to hear that we are slack in remittance of quota though we receive regular payment from DDOs. We should remit regular Quota to NFPE, CHQ and Circle.

Circle union is also facing financial crises. All DS are requested to take the matter of remittance of quota very seriously and ensure that all outstanding quota is cleared within this week itself.

Quota of Circle Union may directly deposited in bank account in consultation with Circle Secretary or Finance Secretary.

The allocation of Quota upto 30.6.13 will be on old rates and from July onward on on new rates as per revision of subscription @ Rs.50/-.

                                   Up to 30.06.13          From 01.07.13
Branch:                                14:50                         24.50
Circle:                                  08.00                         15.00
CHQ:                                   06.00                          08.00
NFPE:                                  01.50                         02.50
Total:                                    30.00                        50.00

Rashmin Purohit

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