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No.JCA/Joint memorandum/PMG/2013                                                               dated:  06/11/13


1. The PMG Rajkot visiting Junagadh assembled an inspiring session with the staff on 6th Nov-2013 evening in which 1 hour long lecture was delivered on various expectations of Administration side from the staff.
As a matter of courtesy, counter points were not uttered publicly which are very crucial for serious hearing and remedial action by the administration side.
 Few vital points are mentioned below for positive response and taking care:
1. It is easy to place a target for opening 2000 net live accounts per day (!) but from no corner it is feasible considering present ratio and trend of public for choosing better option. It is very sad that local administration does not put real picture before higher administration. Under pressure, staff is opening their own accounts in the division in fraction amounts i.e. for opening of the account of Rs.5000 we are suppressed to open 500 accounts of 10 Rs. It is also against the policy of the ministry of finance Govt. of India. Similarly under pressure of the administration, we had to purchase the entire stock of the Flat rate boxes because it is not possible to sale even a single box to public. Similarl is the situation regarding MO videsh. It is therefore requested to consider ground realities and stop exploitation of the employees in this matter for the purpose of showing higher figures of business only. We may also mention here no SP/ASP/SDI is opening RD accounts or purchasing Flat rate boxes etc. even when other staff is pressurized for same. Such approach has developed psychological pressure and nervousness on the  mind of the employees.

2. On one hand there are so many expectation from staff as narrated above but the administration could not repair water cooler/RO system since last 6 months and above. Such basic amenities are not provided which results into ill health of the employees. Cash counting machine is out of order and irreparable since 2 months at HO but nobody takes care ignoring repeated representation and union items. Duplicate printing papers are also not provided. There is pitiful picture regarding maintenance of technological equipments. For example, one computer of Mendarda is not working since long, quotation for repairing also submitted but it is not considered since long. Quotations are submitted but antivirus is not being provided to the offices like Junagadh Mangnath road. UPS is not working in most of the offices of entire division like Junagadh Udyognagar,Junagadh Mangnath road.( Quotation for purchasing battery submitter since last 6 months). Most of the printers are not working in entire division. It is also ridiculous that previously SP was not ready to approve to purchase mouse and asked to manage with arrow key. Even for purchase of Ribbon @Rs.30/-,  bill is not sanctioned. Department is being fully computerized, huge funds are allotted by the government but such a position in the era of total computerization is shocking.

3. The administration is pressing for second delivery at Junagadh azad chowk PO. This is absolutely excessive and unworkable pressure. For the first delivery itself, the postmen staff leaves the offices at about 11:30 a.m. against scheduled time of  delivery at 10:00 a.m.  because of very heavy receipt of EMOs, Speed posts, Registers etc. it takes a lots of time even in sorting work because of abolition of one post of sorting postman. Moreover it takes huge time for preparation of delivery slip etc. and handing over amounts to the postman staff. As a matter of fact the delivery staff returns back at office at about 16:30 to 17:00 PM because they are also under pressure 100% delivery. In such situation second delivery of the article received at 12:30 is not possible even by attaching 2 or 3 extra staff. Because Junagadh is very big city and  normally 400 and 500 article are received which cannot be delivered unless the concerned staff works till night hours. On other hand administration should also consider acute shortage of staff. It is very pertinent to consider very heavy shortage of staff in PA cadre. For example 25 PAs are working against sanctioned strength of 45 at Junagadh HO. We don’t need to narrate difficulties of operative staff because the administration is prudent to recognize problems but we are sorry because of closed eyes and deaf ears of the administration. It is asked to complete the transactions in five minutes. There were six counters of SB which were minimized only 2 counters by one ASP giving oral instruction. ASPos staff used to visit Junagadh HO every now and then ( 4 times in a day) giving oral instructions in several matters, making direct dialogues with subordinate staff and humiliating anyone at anytime to set the situation according to his own whims. When the staff is doing work till late hours, it cannot be expected that they can go to the market to achieve the targets. Moreover it should be understood that even an animal yearns respect and good behavior. Pressure and threatens will not serve any purpose.

4. The post of Head treasurer and ATR stamp is vacant since long, union item was also taken but it was closed by administration by giving the reason that such matter is purely administrative. Almost all three posts of APM.1 and Accountants.2 are vacant at HO and one qualified official is working at DO. We frequently urged to post qualified official at HO but it was not considered so far. It was requested to send qualified accountant from DO to HO as and when difficulty is there regarding Pay fixation, Audit Para or technological problems. The administration agreed orally but the ASP always personally came and took away qualified accountant to DO leaving work incomplete at HO. We urge posting of qualified hand to HO from DO.
Please do not misinterpret us. We are always working hard. We never generate unconstructive atmosphere amongst staff. We have to communicate realities because nobody is throwing light on ground realities due to frustration and fear of being insulted/ humiliated. We just intend to convey the real scenario of the problems and feeling of the staff very honestly, clearly and at the right time urging remedial action and realistic approach.

Divisional Secretary                            Divisional Secretary
AIPEU P-3.                                           NUPE P-3
Junagadh Division                               Junagadh Division

Divisional Secretary                            Divisional Secretary
AIPEU P-4                                            NUPE P-4
Junagadh Division                               Junagadh Division

The Post Master General
 Rajkot Region Rajkot-360001
 Camp at Junagadh-362001
-with a request to grant meeting with union representatives to discuss staff problems.

Copy to :-

1. Supdt of Post offices
    Junagadh Division

-He is requested to fix the time for the meeting with the PMG Rajkot with the union representatives.

2. Press

3. O/c.

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