Friday, October 24, 2014

All DS, Members and All affiliated unions now concentrate on procurement of advertisements for Souvenir

Dear Comrades,
Wish you all a very happy, prosperous and meaningful new year.

You all are aware, we are very close to a magnificent concluding function of Diamond Jubilee Celebration of NFPE to be held at Dwarka on 23-24 November 2014.

As discussed in Rajkot CWC on 31st August '14, all divisions has to immediately clear all outstanding quota, send special contribution of Rs.5000 or 11000 and procure as many advertisements as possible.

Comrades, unless all divisions very actively go ahead without any excuses and on top priority, we can't manage huge expenditure for the function. Unfortunately, except 5 divisions, no division has send contribution. Not a single division has started to procure advertisements and very few has cleared quota. All DS have been given all details in writing about arrears of their quota. What is justification to go in arrears? Please take this very seriously and join hands unitedly for successful program at Dwarka.

All affiliated unions are also requested to gear up their efforts as this is our joint venture. All may now pay up their contribution as decided in primary meeting at Jamnagar. 

CS has now one option. He will personally visit all divisions, push initiatives for obtaining advertisements and personally collect amounts of contribution and outstanding quota up to 30:09:14. Circle President and CS will commence visits from 26th instant.

Circle Council meeting of all affiliated Circle Unions including AIPEU Gr C will also be held on 23-24 November at Dwarka. Notice will be sent soon. Please be prepared.

Please send your suggestions and feedbacks.

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